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Shelter News
We had 34 adoptions in October, and included in that are almost all of the youngsters who were residing in the kitten room.  We still have two kittens there now, and a number of kittens in foster care who will be available for adoption once they are big enough to be spayed and neutered!
Some of our older cats were adopted as well, including Spencer, an asthmatic cat.  Congratulations, Spencer!

A warm welcome to our new shelter technician, Jenn!  She is joining the terrific team that works so hard to care for our cats.

The shelter staff and volunteers are very happy for Ralphie, a sweet 10 year old special needs boy who was adopted into his forever home last week.  Ralphie was a business office cat for a number of years before coming to Cat Care Society.  While we will miss him, we know Ralphie is in a wonderful home now.
October Adoption Promotion

Today is the last day to take advantage of our Halloween adoption special on all orange cats and kittens.  Since it is actually Halloween, all of our orange cats are in high spirits and celebrating all day!  Stop in and see them, and perhaps take home your own special orange kitty.

Please visit our Facebook page for more information.

Visit our website to view all our cats available for adoption.
Note: our standard adoption  screening process applies to this promotion. Further, for cats age ten and older and cats with chronic medical problems we offer our Perpet-U-Care Program which provides
$250 of veterinary care services at the CCS Cat Clinic annually. 
Opt to Adopt Kit Kat

Kit Kat is ready for her forever home!  She is a lovely older lady looking for a new family.  Kit Kat is 15+ and a bit set in her ways, but still ready for love.  Kit Kat is very social and active.  She loves to climb into laps and be petted, and is still excited to chase toys dangled in front of her.  Kit Kat needs regular brushing to keep up with her long, lovely locks.  She's ready to find a home and family to spend the rest of her days with...could it be with you?

Kit Kat is part of our Perpet-U-Care program.  Please click the link to find out more:  http://www.catcaresociety.org/adoptions/perpet-u-care   
Read more about Kit Kat on her Adopt-a-Pet page:
November Adoption Promotion
Begins Tomorrow

Having cats in the home is a blessing that so many of us thankfully experience...a blessing for the cats and the people who love them.  If you do not currently have a pet in the home, please consider adopting a cat...kitties have so much love and companionship to give.  During all of November we will have an adoption special on all cats.  Please stop by and visit! 
Your Cat's Whiskers:
What They Are and Do!
A cat's whiskers - or vibrissae - are a well-honed sensory tool that helps a cat see in the dark and steer clear of  predators. Whiskers are highly sensitive tactile hairs with a sensory organ at the end of each whisker.  They grow in patterns on a cat's muzzle, above its  
eyes and elsewhere on its body, like the ears, jaw and forelegs.  
The vibrissae are connected securely to the sensitive muscular and nervous systems, sending information about the surroundings directly to the cat's sensory nerves, giving it a heightened sense of feeling and helping the cat to detect and respond to changes in its surroundings - sort of like kitty radar.   Grooming, trimming or cutting off a cat's whiskers is a big no-no.   Without their tactile hairs, cats become very disoriented and frightened.  In short, whiskers enable cats to analyze and make sense of their environment.
A cat's whiskers not only help it to gauge whether it can fit into a tight space (without even being able to see it);  they can even respond to vibrations in the air, such as when the cat is chasing prey.
Whiskers also serve as a way for cats to visually measure distance, which is why they are able to leap so quickly and gracefully onto a narrow ledge or out of harm's way.
Meet the Cats in the Purple Room at
Cat Care Society
Skylar & Chloe    Kit Kat      
Skylar is an adult female, and a Tuxedo (black and white).  Tuxedos are often known to be mischievous and loving in personality.    
Kit Kat is a senior lady who still loves to play, and even more, loves to cuddle with people.
Chloe is a feisty three year old who is very playful and enjoys interacting with humans, but she must be the only cat in the house! 
                  Salli Jo
Molly                Frida
 Salli Jo is a lovable quiet lady who had a serious injury in the past.  She is recovered, on arthritis medication, and doing very well.
Molly is a Persian tortie who came to our shelter from another facility. She wasn't thriving there, but has made great strides at CCS!   
Frida is fairly new, and we are still getting to know her.  Come meet this pretty tortoiseshell! 
Santa Paws Festival 2017
December 2nd and 3rd
10am to 3pm
Our Annual Santa Paws Festival will be held on Saturday, December 2nd and Sunday, December 3rd from 10-3 (Please Note New Hours!) at the Cat Care Society Shelter.

This year we are revamping our Holiday Bazaar to our new and improved Helena's Holiday Market! We will continue to feature our regular selection of gift related items and we will be adding our craft sale items this year. Items include handcrafted pillows, wall hangings, paper crafts, magnets, pin cushions, jewelry, and much more! 
In addition we will have another new feature this year, Sue Sioux's Silent Auction where we will feature 6 themed baskets available through silent auction. The baskets include, Date Night Out, Indulgence, Colorado Themed, Gardening, Fashion, Date Night In. We will also have a Raffle Basket for services at The Cat Clinic which includes a $500 service coupon (good for ANY service at our clinic), Royal Canin Dry/Wet Food, Cat Treats and Cat Toys. Raffle Tickets are only $10!
Downstairs we will have our beloved Bake Sale and we will have so many yummy treats available this year! Of course jolly ol' Santa Paws himself will be making his annual visit handing out candy canes and beanie babies to all of the children.
This event is very family friendly...there is something for all ages! It is also a wonderful opportunity to introduce more of the community to our shelter and all that we do here to help cats in need.  All proceeds of this event benefit our cats!
If you are interested in donating your craft items or items for the Holiday Market, please contact Amy Martin or Dana Gengenbach. Please 
Click Here to email Amy and Click Here to email Dana.
If you are interested in donating your yummy baked goods, please contact Jane Dorsey for more information and to sign up. Click Here to email Jane or call 303.239.9680 x19 
Click Here  for photos of 2016 Santa Paws Festival.
Click Here  to learn more about the 2017 Santa Paws Festival
Colorado Gives Day
December 5, 2017
Colorado Gives Day is one of our most significant sources of funding for Cat Care Society 
and donations received on this important day help us pay for medical care, food and litter for the 75-100 cats residing at our shelter year round. We need your support on December 5th!

Colorado Gives Day is an annual statewide movement to celebrate and increase philanthropy in Colorado through online giving. For the eighth year, Community First Foundation and FirstBank are partnering to present Colorado Gives Day on Tuesday, December 5, 2017. Donations are accepted through ColoradoGives.org
Colorado Gives Day
  • Colorado Gives Day is powered by ColoradoGives.org, a year-round website featuring more than 1,800 nonprofits. ColoradoGives.org encourages charitable giving by providing comprehensive, objective and up-to-date information about Colorado nonprofits and an easy way to support them online.
  • Colorado Gives Day features a $1 Million Incentive Fund. Every nonprofit receiving a donation on Colorado Gives Day receives a portion of the fund, which increases the value of every dollar donated.
Incentive Fund Key Points
  • The $1 Million Incentive Fund is a pool of dollars, provided by Community First Foundation and FirstBank, to boost every donation made through ColoradoGives.org on Colorado Gives Day.
    • For example, if a nonprofit organization receives 10 percent of the total donations made on Colorado Gives Day, that same nonprofit receives 10 percent of the $1 Million Incentive Fund.
Can't wait until Colorado Gives Day? Starting November 1, 2017, donations can be scheduled early by CLICKING HERE 
  1. From the Cat Care Society page, press the orange "Donate" button. Add your donation amount and press the "CO Gives Day" button to schedule it to process on Dec. 5th. Complete the other fields and click "add to cart."
  2. When all your scheduled donations are in the cart, continue checking out by logging in or creating a donor account, entering your payment information, and then submit.
Click Here to schedule your Colorado Gives Day donation.

Click here for more information on how Colorado Gives Day helps Cat Care Society. 

October 31st, 2017

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  • Opt to Adopt Kit Kat
  • November Adoption Promotion
  • Your Cat's Whiskers
  • The Purple Room Cats
  • Santa Paws 2017
  • Colorado Gives Day

Do you have questions about the CCS cat guardianship program?

Contact Suellen Scott at 303.239.9680 x 19 or 
e-mail  for more information.

With the holiday season approaching, we are very much in need of food and litter. Please help...thank you for your support!
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