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News from the Shelter
Cat Care Society had a great month of adoptions in September - a total of 53 cats and kittens went home with new families and to their forever homes!
We have now taken in our first cats from
Harvey....five kittens that were brought to us by Colorado rescue workers who were helping with the disaster there.  The kittens, who are named Lightning, Coffee,  Donut, Sonic, and Valero, are all 6 months or younger.  They are beginning to receive their spay/neuter surgeries and and will be available for adoption mid-October.

A very heartwarming adoption took place in September.  Sweet Elvis, a senior and also a diabetic cat, found his forever home when a
 wonderful woman adopted him last month. Special needs cats can be special in so many ways....congratulations Elvis!

GREAT WORK by staff and one of our volunteers who rescued 
an adventurous kitten that got stuck behind a hole in the drywall at the shelter.  Through the use of a handheld camera the kitten was located, then the drywall was taken apart and the little one was returned to safety!
October Adoption Promotion

Halloween is one of the favorite observances for many people, and we are celebrating it all month long with an adoption special on all cats with orange fur.  It may be scary to think of bringing a new pet home, but it's usually very rewarding for people and animals alike!

Please visit our Facebook page for more information.

Visit our website to view all our cats available for adoption.
Note: our standard adoption  screening process applies to this promotion. Further, for cats age ten and older and cats with chronic medical problems we offer our Perpet-U-Care Program which provides
$250 of veterinary care services at the CCS Cat Clinic annually. 
Opt to Adopt Gizmo
Gizmo is ready for her forever home!  She is an active and playful 11 year old who is looking for a home to rule.  Gizmo promises to be a kind and gentle ruler, as long as you accept her as being always in the right and the eternally lovely queen!  Gizmo loves to run and play, and watching her you would never believe she is an older lady.  She came in as a stray who we had spayed and microchipped at our clinic years ago.  We weren't able to contact her previous family, so she stayed here with us. Gizmo would need to be the only cat in a home as she does not get along well with other cats. Come in and meet Gizmo today...she's waiting for you!

Gizmo is a part of our Perpet-U-Care program.  Please click the link to find out more:  http://www.catcaresociety.org/adoptions/perpet-u-care     
Read more about Gizmo on her Adopt-a-Pet page:
The Cat Clinic at Cat Care Society
Thank you for supporting our Love Animals Cat Clinic Equipment Upgrade Project. 
Thanks to your generosity, our upgraded medical equipment has arrived and is ready to use!

We are pleased to report that Diesel had his cystotomy surgery to remove the bladder stones and he is now free of pain and has made a full recovery. Thanks to your financial support we can continue to rescue more cats and our clinic can continue to provide them with the critical medical care they need.

Please Click Here to visit our Facebook page for additional updates as we begin saving more cats at our clinic with the upgraded medical equipment. 

Please Click Here to visit our LoveAnimals page to read The Cat Clinic Story.

October is Dental Health month at the Cat Clinic! We are offering discounted dental procedures for a flat rate of $395 (for cats 7 years and under) and $475 (for cats 8 years and over). The cost includes exam, bloodwork, scale/polish, unlimited extractions, anesthesia and medication(s).

Dental care is critical to the health of your cat and proper dental care can prevent the onset of many health issues.

Please call to schedule your appointment today! 303.237.0914

Please Click Here to learn more about The Cat Clinic

Please Click Here to visit our Cat Clinic Facebook page
October 21st Seminar-
Grief Counseling and
Caring for Older Cats

Presenter-Suzanne Hetts,Ph.D. of " Animal Behavior Associates, Inc."
October 21st, 2017 10:30AM to Noon at Cat Care Society (in the lower level of main shelter)

No matter what age your cats are now, at some time you may have to deal with pet loss and grief.  This seminar will offer in-depth discussion of coping with those issues, and where to find support.  Dr. Hetts will also cover many concerns involved in caring for older cats such as diet, changes to take note of, health exams, and activity for an older cat.

For More Information:
Please call 303-239-9680 or email: 

This is a complimentary seminar.  Even if you do not register early, please feel free to attend.  There is always room for more.  

October 28th 
The Healthy Cat Kidney

Presenter:  Celeste Abell, DVM of Cat Care Society
October 28th, 2017 10:30AM to Noon at Cat Care Society (in the lower level of main shelter)

Many cat owners have to cope with kidneys issues, even with younger cats.  Kidney disease is very common in felines.  Dr. Abell will discuss many aspects of this condition such as blockage, bladder infections, cystitis, house soiling, and treatments for kidney problems.   Be sure to attend this informative seminar.

For More Information:
Please call 303-239-9680 or email: 

This is a complimentary seminar.  Even if you do not register early, please feel free to attend.  There is always room for more. 
Meet the Residents in the Green Room at Cat Care Society
Please get to know the cats in the Green Room... they are a mixed group of ages, personalities, and backgrounds, and are all on a special diet to keep them in good health.

 Petite Indri loves to sit in the sunshine and talk to human companions. Gentle Cosmo i s 15 years plus in age and her favorite thing is cuddling with humans and having her head rubbed. Senior kitty Tango loves a sunny window to nap in and also some
nice ear scratching.
Moekie is an older lady who likes her feline companions, really enjoys quiet time with people, and gentle petting.
Maris is a sweet young lady who came to CCS as a stray after having a large litter of kittens.  She is VERY playful.  Jaspurr is an older gentleman who loves to interact with humans and still plays with toys. 
Please come in and visit these wonderful cats.  They love attention!
Some Interesting Facts about Cats
The ability of a cat to find its way home is called "psi-traveling." Experts think cats either use the angle of the sunlight to find their way or that cats have magnetized cells in their brains that act as compasses.
Cats' purrs are more than a way to communicate. Bio-acoustics researchers believe that purring heals cats, as frequencies between 24-140 vibrations per minute have been found to aid bone growth, and the repair of muscles and tendons. Purring also eases breathing, and reduces pain and swelling.
A cat's nose has a unique pattern of bumps and ridges. No two cats share the same nose print just as the human fingerprint pattern is unique from all others. 
One of the reasons a kitten sleeps so much is because it releases a growth hormone during sleep. 
Santa Paws Festival 2017
Bakers & Crafters Needed!
Save the date for one of our biggest events-the annual Santa Paws Festival December 2-3rd!
We are still looking for crafters to donate their creations to our Holiday Market...items should have a price point of $10 to $100.  Items needed are handmade cat toys, cat beds and christmas ornaments.
If you are interested in donating your craft items or have questions, please contact Amy Martin or Dana Gengenbach. Please  Click Here to email Amy and Click Here to email Dana.
We are seeking bakers to bake for the cats! 
If you are a baker, please consider baking your specialties for the event.  
 Please contact Jane Dorsey for more information and to sign up. Click Here to email Jane or call 303.239.9680 x16
Click here for photos of 2016 Santa Paws Festival.
Click Here to learn more about the 2017 Santa Paws Festival

October 3, 2017

  • News from the Shelter
  • October Adoption Promotion
  • Opt to Adopt Gizmo
  • Seminar-Grief Counseling
  • Seminar-Healthy Cat Kidneys
  • The Green Room Cats
  • Interesting Cat Facts
  • Santa Paws 2017

Do you have questions about the CCS cat guardianship program?

Contact Suellen Scott at 303.239.9680 x 19 or 
e-mail  for more information.

Click Here to email Suellen Scott to learn more and sign up!


Tune in to KUSA, Channel 9 on Wednesday, October 18th at 7:30AM to see one of our cats featured on Petline 9.  Our Director of Outreach, Suellen Scott, will talk about the cat and discuss our mission on this community service spot.
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