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2017 Tails of the Painted Cats

Ticket Sales 
Tickets for the Gala Dinner & Auction are on sale now. Tickets are almost sold out so be sure to purchase your tickets today!

Individual Ticket - $115 
-One Gala Dinner & Auction Ticket

Date Night for Two - $190
-Two Gala Dinner & Auction Tickets

You can purchase tickets directly at the shelter or you can 
Click Here to purchase tickets securely online.

Bidding for Good Online Auction
Online bidding is going strong! All of the Painted Cats currently have bids and most of the Flat Cats, Clay Cats and Paper Cats have bids. We recently launched Wine Cats and many already have bids! 

Click Here to start bidding!  

Online bidding will close on September 13th and b
idding will resume at the Tails of the Painted Cats Gala Dinner & Auction on Saturday, September 16, 2017 at Pinehurst Country Club from 5-8pm.

Raffle Tickets for Pawsley

Raffle tickets are available now for Pawsley, our 2017 Raffle Cat. Tickets are $10 each and you can purchase as many as you like. The winning ticket will be drawn at Tails of the Painted Cats Gala Dinner & Auction on Saturday, September 16, 2017 at Pinehurst Country Club.
You can purchase your raffle tickets directly at the shelter or you can purchase online.

Click Here
to purchase Raffle Tickets for Pawsley online

The 2017 Painted Cats, Flat Cats, Clay Cats and Paper Cats

Photos of the 23 Big Painted Cats, 8 Mini Painted Cats, Flat Cats Paintings, Clay Cats Pottery, the Paper Cats Vintage Framed Postcards and the Wine Cats are available for your viewing pleasure! We know you will be impressed with the unique and creative feline themed art we will have at this years Gala Dinner & Auction.
Click Here to view the Big Painted Cats

Click Here to view the Mini Painted Cats 
Click Here to view the Flat Cats Paintings

Click Here to view the Clay Cats Pottery

Click Here to view the Paper Cats Postcards

Click Here to view the Wine Cats Selection

Learn More About Tails of the Painted Cats
Click Here
 to visit our Tails of the Painted Cats webpage

Click Here
 to learn why this fundraiser is critical to our financial success
News from the Shelter
Cat Care Society is teaming up with  Best Friends Animal Society and will soon transport 10 to 12 cats made homeless by Hurricane Harvey to our shelter.  Several of our staff and volunteers will be helping with the rescue efforts for these cats to help the overcrowded Texas shelters.

We will be calling on you, our generous supporters to help us raise funds to medically treat these needy felines. Stay tuned for more information!
Even feral cats can have a second chance through our shelter.  We were so happy to find safe barn homes for two of our semi-ferals that simply were not interested in becoming "house cats".  Congratulations to Nova and Mewbacca!

We have adopted out many kittens this summer, but there is never a shortage of little ones at this time of year.  We will soon receive 10 kittens that were rescued from a colony by a good samaritan.  Because they are already spayed and/or neutered, they will be available for adoption in the near future! 

Another recent heartwarming adoption story is that of two older kitties. 
Mr. Gracie and Missy Qdoba, two seniors with special needs, were adopted together this week.  Mr. Gracie is an 18 year old with a heart condition, and Missy Qdoba is a 15 year old with hyperthyroidism. 
The Cat Clinic 
Thank you for supporting our LoveAnimals Equipment Upgrade Project. Thanks to your generosity we met our goal!

We will purchase the medical equipment for our clinic this month. We will keep you updated on our progress through our Facebook page and our LoveAnimals campaign page. 

Thanks to your generous support of The Cat Clinic and our shelter cats we can continue to rescue, rehabilitate and medically treat cats who desperately need our help. 

Please  Click Here for our LoveAnimals Facebook album

Please  Click Here to visit our LoveAnimals crowdfund page

October is Dental Health Month!

Back by popular demand, we are offering discounted dental procedures at a flat rate the entire month of October!

For cats 7 years and under the cost is: $ 395
For cats 8 years and older the cost is: $ 475

The cost includes exam, bloodwork, scalae/polish, unlimited extractions, anesthesia and medication(s). 

Please call to schedule your appointment today! 303.237.0914

We thank you again for your continued and generous support of the Cat Clinic at Cat Care Society!

Click Here to learn more about The Cat Clinic at Cat Care Society
September Adoption Promotion

September is a big month at Cat Care Society!  We have our Tails of the Painted Cats Dinner and Auction on September 16th when people will bid on beautiful cat art creations.  We are celebrating real painted cats with our September adoption special on multi-colored cats (must be 7 months or older).  This is your chance to adopt a live painted cat that will be a wonderful companion to you and your family for a long time!  Please come visit soon.

Please visit our Facebook page for more information.

Visit our website to view all our cats available for adoption.
Note: our standard adoption  screening process applies to this promotion. Further, for cats age ten and older and cats with chronic medical problems we offer our Perpet-U-Care Program which provides
$250 of veterinary care services at the CCS Cat Clinic annually. 
Opt to Adopt Artemis

Artemis is ready for her forever home!  She is a shy but sweet 4 year old lady, who is looking for a quiet home to settle in.  Artemis came in to us as a stray found wandering in Denver.  Even though she had a microchip, we were never able to contact her previous family.  She is a cat who was obviously loved, and  is just waiting to find another family to take her home.  Artemis loves to play, but is a little intimidated by all of the cats here at the shelter.  We've tried placing her in a couple of rooms, but she claimed the bathroom, and is happiest now that she is able to stay in there.  She comes out to visit, but really prefers that people come in to visit with her instead.  Artemis is ready to be a loving cat for her new forever home...come in and meet her today!

You can read more about Artemis on her Adopt-a-Pet page: 
Setting Up Your Home for a Cat
Presenter-Billie Reynolds of " Good Kitty Behavior.com"
September 23rd, 2017 10:30AM to Noon at Cat Care Society (in the lower level of main shelter)

This seminar will cover important topics such as the necessity of managing territory in a cat's home.  Also to be discussed is the very critical issue of arranging scratching posts and towers so that your cat will make good use of them.

More Information:
Please call 303-239-9680 or email: 

This is a complimentary seminar.  Even if you do not register early, please feel free to attend.  There is always room for more.  
Meet the  Cats living in the
Blue Room 
Cat Care Society!
                     Elvis                                                  Emma              Mitts      
All of our cats live either in the large hallway, offices, or in one of several large color-coded rooms with windows and/or patios.  These sweet cats, Mitts, Emma, Elvis, and Bette all live happily together in the Blue Room which is the "Diabetic" room.  All these cats are fed a special diet to help them stay healthy.  Mitts and Emma came to the shelter together, are best friends, and will be adopted as a pair.  Mitts is a polydactyl, meaning he has an extra toe on each paw.  Emma is a very affectionate tabby.   Bette, a 17 year old, loves to play and string toys are her favorite.   Quiet little Elvis is recovering from a serious wound, trying to gain some weight, and is doing great!                                                                                                      
Stop in the Blue Room to visit next time you are at the shelter. These kitties would love to meet you.   Bring a toy for Bette! 
Santa Paws Festival 2017
Crafters and Bakers Needed!

The Santa Paws Festival will be here before you know it, and we are looking for more hand crafted items this year for our Holiday Market.
Ornaments, cat toys, and any kitty themed items are always big sellers. All the items should be priced between $10 and $100.   If you are planning your craft activities for this holiday season, please think of Cat Care Society and help our cats with your talents!

Another popular feature at the festival is the Baked Goods Sale.  We would like to have a plentiful selection of  delicious baked goodies for the event.  In October our volunteer coordinator will be sending out guidelines for the baked goods.  If you love baking, please plan to make your specialties for the upcoming festival.

If you are interested in donating your craft items or have questions, please contact Amy Martin or Dana Gengenbach. Please  Click Here to email Amy and Click Here to email Dana.
Click here for photos of 2016 Santa Paws Festival

September 5, 2017

  • Tails of the Painted Cats
  • News from the Shelter
  • Cat Clinic Crowdfund
  • September Adoption Promotion
  • Opt to Adopt Artemis
  • Seminar -Setting Up Your Home for a Cat
  • Blue Room Cats
  • Santa Paws 2017

Do you have questions about the CCS cat guardianship program?

Contact Suellen Scott at 303.239.9680 x 19 or 
e-mail  for more information.

Click Here to email Suellen Scott to learn more and sign up!
Tails of the Painted Cats - "Frenchie"
Tails of the Painted Cats-Calico Fused Glass
Tails of the Painted Cats- Boho the Hobo
Tails of the Painted Cats-Pounce

Tails of the Painted Cats-Colorado Kitty
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