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Thank you for partnering with us as we work to connect, engage and advance Cape Cod’s young professionals.  Together, we are working to build a stronger Cape Cod. 

Since 2010, CCYP has been fortunate to have Anne Van Vleck as our Executive Director.  After seven years of tremendous leadership, Anne has accepted her next professional challenge.  In July, she’ll begin work as the Chief Development Officer for Housing Assistance Corporation

Anne is a thoughtful and talented leader and CCYP has thrived under her leadership. CCYP accomplishments during Anne’s tenure include:
  • Increasing CCYP membership from 350 to 1100 members,
  • Directing efforts for the Shape the Cape data collection and report for the region
  • Launching and growing  the CCYP Giving Circle to include 150 CCYP donors,
  • Spearheading CCYP’s Shape the Cape Summit and Mentor Exchange Program
  • Increasing CCYP annual revenue from $37K to $250K+,
  • Managing over 30 events per year and 100 volunteers, and 15 Board members
  • Building visibility and brand awareness for CCYP across the Cape Cod and beyond.

Now, we begin the process of identifying the next dynamic CCYP leader.   Our Board of Directors has created a plan to identify the next dynamic CCYP leader to ensure we continue to achieve our mission of connecting Cape Cod’s emerging leaders, engaging them in the community and supporting their efforts to advance, personally and professionally.

To view the online job description for CCYP’s Next Dynamic Leader CLICK HERE!  We welcome your ideas and assistance in identifying strong candidates for this role. As always, please feel free to reach out to me or any CCYP Board Members with questions or suggestions.   
CCYP, Inc.  |  PO Box 634, Barnstable  |  508-714-2201, ext. 101