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Airborne CD Spotlight - Reviews
Randall Parrish & HBH
Brian Soergel & Chris Mann
Jonathan Widran

CD Spotlight

Back in the Dayz

Airborne Anthology (1988 - 2011)

Airborne, the multi-cultural contemporary jazz group from New Haven, CT USA is moving forward with their 8th CD
"Back in the Dayz - Airborne Anthology" (1988 - 2011).

This project is a wonderful collection of new material and edited and re-mastered compositions from other Airborne CD's.

It is a testimony to jazz artists of integrity, whose inspiration and imagination capture your thoughts with music with a cause.

Joyful Jazz with a Message!


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Dear Jazz Lovers

This is the Jazz Network CD Spotlight. This will feature new CD's we feel are outstanding and worthy of note. Based on the excellence of the compositions and the quality of musicianship.
We highly recommend the new Airborne CD " Back in the Dayz - Airborne Anthology" (1988 - 2011). A musical history of a veteran contemporary jazz group that has received worldwide airplay and international acclaim. A testimony to jazz artists of intergrity.as they move forward into today's music market with a unique fire and energy that is truly the Airborne sound.  



Dante Hall

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Jazz Review - Randall Parrish

"After decades of making inspiring contemporary jazz to critical acclaim the esteemed ensemble has decided now is the perfect time to take a look back and showcase some of the quality music that has characterized the group's recording existence

With two brand new tunes destined to become classic numbers Airborne makes it evident that the group is presently at the height of their musical flight and offers great optimism for the future. Airborne is recognized for continually bringing imagination, positive energy, and deep passion to their jazz compositions

With Back in the Dayz - Airborne Anthology the past of Airborne is explored and celebrated with the still to be forged future greatly anticipated. The group's extended harmonious shared recording experience has bred this lofty level of congruous cohesion. If their glorious precedent is any indication; then grand inspirational thought-provoking musical vistas filled with hope lie ahead for us all. Good music is timeless."

Smooth & Soul - HBH

Airborne Anthology
is an amazing collection of America's super group, Airborne. Contemporary jazz isn't dead."
Review - Brian Soergel 

"You'd expect a contemporary jazz group that is called "musical peacemakers" to have a happy, upbeat sound. You get that with this veteran band, but as this anthology shows, you also get top-quality musicianship with heft and plenty of sway"
Review - Chris Mann

Everything about the bright, brassy music of Airborne with its strong melody and ripples of percussion suggests that their outlook is a very positive, optimistic one and they aim to be as inclusive as possible. The songs on this anthology reflect that: many tastes will find things to like, whether it's soul, Latin, reggae or some quite complex jazz".


"One has to admire Airborne, a veteran jazz band that has made inroads into the hearts of jazz fans across the world over the years.


They are a supercharged carnival of musicians that add a much needed dose of global adventure to jazz."

Jonathan Widran - All Music Guide
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