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ACTION ALERT: August 15, 2017
A bill moving through the legislature would expose our members to new litigation threats by including a civil penalty for not adequately responding to inquires under the Public Records Act (PRA). The bill allows a court to assess a $1,000 - $5,000 penalty per case and would require members to pay attorney's fees and any court costs. These provisions would create a real economic incentive for those that abuse the Public Records Act to file frivolous claims against PBIDs/CBDs. Our members would then be forced to either settle the claim or defend themselves in court. In either case, our members will have to dedicate financial resources and staff time to responding to and defending against these claims - taking precious resources away from the community community-based programs our organizations deliver.   

More on AB 1479 here 

CDA asks you to please consider joining us by submitting a letter of "oppose unless amended" so we can continue to urge the Legislature to remove the harmful civil liability provisions contained in AB 1479. Below is a sample letter you can personalize and email to: Jason Bryant, Bryant Government Affairs at jason@bryantga.com. Your letter will be promptly delivered to the Legislature and bill author.  

Download the Sample Letter as a Word document or a  PDF.

A grassroots advocacy effort is going to be critical to helping us protect our members from this legislation. Please consider joining us submitting an "oppose unless amended" letter. Thank you for your assistance. 

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Karin Flood
President, CDA
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Marketing & Communications Manager, IDA