March, 2017

Lawyer and businesswoman Lisa Yanney Roskens, with Astro Boy, always loved horses and dreamed of bringing big events to Omaha.

Lisa Yanney Roskens and Omaha Equestrian Foundation

Kelly: 'True visionary' corralled equestrian World Cup for Omaha

So how did Omaha even get in the mix, let alone win the host-site designation for the FEI World Cup of dressage and show jumping March 29 through April 2 at the CenturyLink Center?

Well, the short answer is that one Omahan had a vision and wouldn't let go. Her name is Lisa Yanney Roskens, and she apparently wowed the international committee members with her 2014 presentation in Lausanne, Switzerland.  Read on...



CFO Systems Director, John Ecklund, spent years in California. He shares some great insight below about visiting wine country.

Visiting California wine country is on the vacation bucket list for many travelers. But what many do not know is that there is more to Napa County than wine, and there is more to California wine than Napa.   Read More


Three New Directors Join CFO Systems

We're growing again and w e're pleased to announce that we've added three new directors to our team! Each brings unique strengths and experience that will help our middle-market clients achieve their goals and missions. Click on their names below to read their bios.

Steve Fradin
John Ecklund
Dick Augustine
NY/NE Region

4 Marketing Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From April the Giraffe

Almost 100,000 people are tuning in on YouTube at any given minute to see if April has birthed her calf yet. And Animal Adventure Park isn't even open yet.

The internet has recently been taken over by a very tall and overly pregnant lady.  You may have heard of her. Her name is April. April the Giraffe. This chick has taken over the internet, with pregnant human women going viral for impersonating her.  Read more here...

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