January, 2017


Will Be Year of Uncertainty for CEOs

Business leaders face daunting challenges amid turbulence world-wide

Here's a prediction for 2017: The job of chief executive will be as tough as ever.  Uncertainty has been a way of life for business leaders since the last financial crisis. But as U.S. President-elect Donald J. Trump moves into the White House powered by a largely unforeseen wave of global revolt against political elites, "2017 is going to be more volatile and more complex than previous years,'' predicted Michael D. Watkins, a professor of leadership and organizational change at IMD Business School in Switzerland.   Read More

Helping at Medical Clinics in Kenya

Colorado Director Andrew Larson and his wife Lindsey, traveled to rural Kenya in early November with a group of 26 medical and dental professionals to provide mobile clinics in and around the Maasai region of Kenya.  Maasai people are 95% illiterate and the clinics are typically the only medical/dental treatment offered in the region. Many Maasai walk for hours to get to the clinics and despite tremendous effort not everyone can be seen.  Over 11 days, the group offered 6 all-day clinics and over 1,400 patients were treated.  Leaving his beans behind, Andrew served on the pharmacy team counting pills and generally supporting his wife and the rest of the medical/dental professionals.    READ MORE

Hicks helps farmers start co-op in Senegal

By Janice Gilmore Jan 10, 2017

Omaha Director, Edgar Hicks has had a career over the years that he is passionate about. His résumé is long and extensive in rural agriculture, and even though he is officially retired, he is still very much involved in the agricultural community. 

Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Oprah Winfrey All Use the 5-Hour Rule

Top business leaders often spend five hours per week doing deliberate learning.

In the article "Malcom Gladwell Got Us Wrong," the researchers behind the 10,000-Hour Rule set the record straight: Different fields require different amounts of deliberate practice in order for someone to become world-class.  

If 10,000 hours isn't an absolute rule that applies across fields, what does it really take to become world class in the world of work?  Find out here...

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