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Diana Goldstein
Sept 4, 1926 - Aug 7, 2017
(the mother of Barry Goldstein)

condolences may be sent to
Barry and Gail Goldstein
1000 Maple Ridge Way
Greensboro, GA 30642


We our looking forward to worshiping again for our sixth High Holy Day season.  I am so proud to be leading you and of what we have accomplished together, since the time I was blessed to found our congregation.

Rosh Hashanah Service ~ Thursday, September 21.
Yom Kippur Service ~ Saturday, September 30.
Both services are 11 a.m. at The LOCC

I just wanted to give you this gentle reminder by letter, so that all our members will receive it.

Since we are approaching the beginning of the year, we need to replenish our treasury for the coming year.  We have a very modest budget for our needs for Shabbat and holiday services, to sustain  ourselves, which we have been able to do because Lake Oconee Community Church provides us its worship space to meet.

If each of our families would give an average of $300 (obviously some can do more, some are able to do less), that will provide for our simple needs.  This is the same suggested amount from last year.

Please, at this season, when we feel so blessed, send in your donation for our congregation

Checks should be made out to Lake Oconee Congregation Chai, and send to The LOCC, 1001 Village Park Drive, Suite 107, Greensboro, GA   30642

If you have any questions feel free to contact me:   ravgerson@aol.com   or (706)338-3483.

Thanks so much, and most of all, I wish you all a happy and healthy coming New Year.

Rabbi Ronald Gerson, DD

PS.  For those who may have already made contributions for the coming year, many thanks!    And, of  course, thank you for donations in previous years.


September 1, 2017  ~   6 p.m.

Oneg Shabbat
Sandwiches, Salads & Sweets
Catered by Cafe 44

$10 per person / no charge for children

softdrinks / water provided

please rsvp by august 28

Thank You Sarah Field

The First Sin
In Sarah's interpretive acrylic on canvas, the apple represents the reality of Sin in the human condition, i.e. anything that creates distance or separation between ourselves and our G-d. Thus it is very large and bloody red. In comparison, Adam and Eve are small, insignificant appearing, standing with their backs to one another. This reminds us that both refused to take personal responsibility, blaming either the serpent or the other for their temptation. The instigator is always hovering over us with luring persistence.
Standing in the Garden of Eden, moments before being cast out, the man and woman remain divided. They will walk through life in disharmony until they turn and together set their gaze upon their Creator whose only desire is for "good" ... ultimate atonement and reconciliation.

We thank Sarah for creating such a beautiful piece and for giving it to
the Lake Oconee Congregations. The painting is hanging in its new home
in the conference/gathering area at The LOCC.

The Religious Revolution
that Changed Our World

Dr. Loyd Allen

Friday, Sept 29

Support Group for Families dealing with Addiction
6:15 - 7: 45 p.m. at The LOCC
August 23; Sept 6 & 20

~ You are invited to browse the resource library in the conference area ~
You are invited to browse the resource library
on the shelf in the conference area at The LOCC.
Check out any book by providing your name and contact info.

Kara and Ayal Latz are delighted to host
an Oneg Shabbat  in honor of
Justin and Dawn's bnai mitzvah.

The Friday night service is scheduled for
6:00 PM, October 20th at The LOCC.

Dinner will be served
immediately following the service.

This event will serve as the monthly Shabbat
for our congregation.  There will no service on Friday, October 6.

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