CHC Member Update
The Legislature took action last week on hundreds of bills in order to meet the house of origin deadline, including passing several key housing bills, but failing to take up CHC co-sponsored bills that would fund affordable home development. 

Funding Bills

CHC co-sponsored bills AB 71 (Chiu) and SB 2 (Atkins), which are the only bills that create ongoing sources of funding for affordable home development, both remain waiting for a floor vote in their respective houses. The bills both have urgency clauses, meaning they are not subject to legislative deadlines and can be voted on at any time, and require a 2/3 vote in the legislature.
Together with our partners in the affordable housing community, we are keeping strong pressure on our legislative leaders to complete work started on the housing package (see below for bills that have advanced) and take action on these key measures that provide viable funding to jumpstart affordable housing production.  Speaker Rendon and President Pro Tem de Leon have repeatedly said they are committed to alleviating the crushing financial strain housing is putting on families, seniors, veterans, college students and individuals, pushing many to the brink of homelessness, and we will hold them to that.

In a   press release issued last week , the Pro Tem said SB 2 will come up for a vote at a later date and he "will prioritize the measure in negotiations with the Assembly and Governor and is committed to sending it to Governor Brown's desk this year." CHC is looking to see action by July 21st. 

Other Key Housing Bills

AB 72 (Santiago and Chiu) will strengthen local government compliance with existing laws that are aimed at ensuring that California's housing supply is adequate and serves a wide range of income levels in every community. Passed the Assembly floor 58-19. Bill is in Senate and awaiting Committee assignment.

AB 74 (Chiu) will create a "Housing for a Healthy California" Program. The Program would fund rental assistance tied to services dollars included in programs like the Whole Person Care pilot and the Health Home Program.  AB 74 is a one-time investment that would decrease Medi-Cal costs resulting from dramatic improvements in clinical outcomes. Passed the Assembly floor 61-16. Bill is in Senate and awaiting Committee assignment.

AB 571 (Garcia)  will facilitate the development of farmworker housing. Passed the Assembly floor 77-0. Bill is in Senate and awaiting committee assignment.

AB 1397 (Low)  will strengthen state Housing Element Law by ensuring that the sites identified by local governments as locations for new housing is actually suitable and available for residential development. P assed the Assembly floor 41-19. Bill is in Senate and awaiting Committee assignment.
AB 1505 (Bloom, Chiu, and Gloria) will enable local governments to prioritize development that includes rental homes affordable to workers and others with limited incomes. Passed the Assembly floor 47-24, was approved by the Senate Committee on Transportation & Housing 7-4 and is awaiting vote on Senate floor.

AB 1521 (Bloom) will strengthen the state's Affordable Housing Preservation Law and help ensure that thousands of affordable homes at risk of conversion will be preserved, reducing the displacement of existing low-income residents, and prevent the state's already large shortage of affordable rental homes from growing. Passed the Assembly floor 43-21. Bill is in Senate and awaiting Committee assignment.

SB 3 (Beall)   Affordable Housing Bond Act of 2018 would authorize the issuance of bonds in the amount of $3,000,000,000 pursuant to the State General Obligation Bond Law. The measure will place a statewide $3 billion affordable housing General Obligation bond on Nov 2018 ballot. Passed the Senate floor 30-9 and ordered to the Assembly. (This bill, like all proposed bonds, is likely to be vetoed by the governor) 

SB 35 (Wiener) will create a streamlined process  for mutli- family, urban infill projects with affordable components in jurisdictions that have  not approved housing in  compliance with their targets according to their regional housing . Passed the Senate floor 25-12 and ordered to the Assembly. (This bill will be needed to garner the Governor's support for any funding bill)

SB 166 (Skinner) will help ensure that local governments maintain an on-going supply of appropriately zoned land to meet the housing needs of the jurisdiction. Passed the Senate floor 27-12 and ordered to the Assembly.
SB 167 (Skinner) (Skinner) will help ensure that local governments approve the projects necessary to meet the housing needs of the jurisdiction. P assed the Senate floor 28-10 and ordered to the Assembly. 

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