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A Note from our Executive Director

"California values" is a phrase that has been thrown around regularly by our elected officials at the start of this Presidential Administration. They have drawn clear lines about where California stands in direct contrast to where they believe President Trump stands.  They have vowed to fight for California values in the face of any challenges to policies affecting things like health care, immigration, climate change and equality.
As the California Housing Consortium marks our 20th Anniversary in 2017, we will be asking our legislators a very tough question:  Is being #1 in poverty really a California value we wish to continue to protect or can we do better?  We believe we can indeed do better and look forward to a robust debate around a permanent source of funding for affordable housing, a potential housing bond, increasing the state tax credit program and regulatory reform. 
As we kick off a busy year, I want to preview a few of the ways we will commemorate two decades as your voice in the State Capitol and a unifying force for an industry that improves the lives of struggling Californians:    
  • This month, we're unveiling our new 20th Anniversary logo. Look for it throughout the year!  
  • We welcome CHASE as our 20th Anniversary Title Sponsor.
  • Additionally, we thank Highridge Costa Companies and The Pacific Companies as 2017 Platinum Sponsors and Citi and AMCAL Multi-Housing, Inc. as 2017 Bronze Sponsors. We have brand new sponsorship opportunities available as Anniversary Sponsors and Policy Forum Sponsors.
  • Our Policy Forum & CA Housing Hall of Fame Awards on May 11, 2017 will feature a fresh agenda and exciting keynote speakers. Save the date! 
Thank you each for your commitment to CHC's mission.  From our founders to our most recent members, the time and talent you devote to CHC is the reason for our success as a nonpartisan advocate for the production and preservation of housing affordable to lower and moderate income Californians.  
I am honored to have been your Executive Director for almost 8 years and look forward to our future successes together. 


  Ray Pearl 
  CHC Executive Director 
In Case You Missed It...
  • The Governor's 2017-2018 Budget Proposal was released on January 10th. Click here to see our summary of Governor's Budget Proposal
  • California Housing Consortium and The Terner Center for Housing Innovation welcomed over 100 people on January 10th to the East Bay Community Foundation for a panel discussion titled, "Federal Policy Outlook 2017 and Beyond". The insightful panel discussion brought together housing experts Michael Novogradac, Carol Galante, Matt Schwartz, Chris Gouig, and was moderated by CHC Policy Director Marina Wiant. An engaged crowd whose interest, positive spirit, and astute questions challenged the panel, helped make the event insightful and worthwhile. Click here to read our full event recap.
  • The long anticipated Statewide Housing Assessment was released by the California's Department of Housing and Community Development. In addition to presenting research into California's far-reaching housing challenges, the assessment also analyzes housing needs and offers recommendations to meet said challenges through a ten-year forward-looking policy frameworkHCD is holding the following Statewide Housing Assessment public workshops, click the links to register:
CHC Co-Sponsored Legislation


CHC is proud to be co-sponsoring three important bills that will start to reverse the broken and backward housing policies have contributed to the worsening housing affordability crisis. Together, these bills will help create a California where hard-working families, children, seniors, veterans and vulnerable residents have a place to call home.
  • AB 71 (Chiu) - protects the mortgage interest deduction that helps families purchase their first home and direct more funding into the development of affordable rental homes 
  • AB 72 (Santiago) - promotes the local accountability needed to ensure plans for affordable homes result in actual places for workers and families to live
  • SB 2 (Atkins) - The Building Homes and Jobs Act invests in proven affordable home programs that boost the economy, create jobs and move toward a California where everyone can have a place to call home.
2017 CHC Board of Directors
CHC wishes to thank two outgoing boardmembers: Ken Sauder, Wakeland Housing & Development and Jeanne Peterson, Peterson & Associates Affordable Housing Connections for their many years of service on the CHC Board and their career-long dedication to the affordable housing industry.

We are pleased to welcome three incoming members to the Board of Directors: Jacky Morales-Ferrand, City of San Jose, Molly O'Dell, Novogradac & Company LLP and Carol Ornelas, Visionary Home Builders of California. We look forward to their involvement on the Board!

Read more about our Board of Directors here. 
Save the Date for an Important CHC Event:  

May 11, 2017Policy Forum & CA Housing Hall of Fame Awards 

in Santa Monica. The awards honor those who demonstrate a seminal or substantial contribution toward advancing the cause of affordable housing in California.This year's event promises to our best yet and will feature a new agenda and compelling keynote speakers. Click here to learn more about the   CA Housing Hall of Fame Awards  or to view past winners.

Click here to see the sponsorship opportunities for upcoming CHC events.

Affordable Housing in the News

The Department of Housing and Community Development kicked off 2017 with a new report on the state of housing in California, summed up by the Los Angeles Times: California is falling far short of the 180,000 additional homes needed each year; one-third of the state's renters spend more than half their income on housing costs, and California accounts for nearly one-quarter of the entire nation's homeless population. An editorial from the Mercury News used the new report to underscore the need for state action, noting that voters in San Mateo, Alameda and Santa Clara County have pledged their own dollars for housing bonds, and shouldn't have to go it alone.  While Governor Jerry Brown's budget included no new funding for affordable homes, the  Orange County Register  reported on the policy and land use reformed Brown floated as "principles" in his budget: streamlining construction, reducing local government fees, and creating incentives for local governments to approve more housing.

Late last month, California Housing Consortium Policy Director Marina Wiant was featured on NBC 24 (Fresno) Evening News. Her comments explore how eliminating the state mortgage interest deduction can help California build homes for its most vulnerable citizens:

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CHC is a non-partisan advocate for the production and preservation of housing affordable to low- and moderate-income Californians. We represent the development, building, financial, and public sectors united in their goal that every Californian has a safe, affordable place to call home.