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New York Trip Turns into History Lesson

(Nashville, Tennessee...) - July 28, 2017 - Chelsea Bain approaches virtually every area of her life with an infectious passion - her music, songwriting, equestrian pursuits, motorcycle riding - and her latest is "Hamilton: An American Musical." Chelsea and singer/songwriter Rachel Farley hit the Big Apple last weekend and not only took in the award-winning play but went backstage and onstage to meet the cast following the performance.
Chelsea with Tony Award-winner actor James Monroe Inglehart, who plays Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson in "Hamilton."
"I cried when we got the tickets, I cried when I heard we were going to meet the cast, and I cried several times during the performance," said Chelsea, whose love of musical theatre rivaled her love of country music and led to her performing in grade-school productions of Wizard Of Oz, Les Miserables and other Broadway shows. "I don't think I had any makeup on by the time we went backstage. The whole experience was absolutely amazing."
She and Farley, who co-wrote all five songs on Chelsea's Drinkin' Alone EP, used the trip as an impromptu history lesson, visiting many of the sites in New York City important to the life of Alexander Hamilton and the formation of the United States. They created a mashup video of song and spoken word from the play, which can be seen here.
Rachel Farley(l.)   and  Chelsea Bain(r.) backstage at "Hamilton ."
"I've always loved history, and thanks to 
'Ha milton' I went on an adventure that I might not have gone on before and saw parts of New York City that I might have passed without giving it a thought. My next adventure is to tackle a bio on George Washington...all thanks to this brilliant musical!"
Chelsea's upbeat "Drinkin' Alone" single is currently Top 40 and rising up the Country radio charts, and her EP of the same name is available at all online retailers. Produced by Jordan Sapp, the EP is on Turn 3 Records.
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