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Message from the Dean
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  Dear CIHS Community Members,

It is December already, and 2017 is almost over. We greatly appreciate all of your support for CIHS this year. We hope that you are enjoying this beautiful holiday season.
We have some announcements in the last issue of 2017. First, we would like to invite all of you to our Open House/Holiday Gathering on this Friday, December 8th from 5:30-800 pm. If you can join us, please RSVP ( Second, Dr. Hope Umansky introduces our Winter 2018 course schedule. There are some new exciting Winter courses. Please contact Dr. Umansky for any questions ( ). The next article is from Dr. Ji Hyang Padma announcing our upcoming CIHS community events. In addition, Dr. Roger Cavnaugh writes about his new community psychology topic of special interest course in winter 2018. The course tittle is "Clinical Aspects of Violence Prevention in Organizations and In the Creation of Safe Communities and a Cohesive Culture," and it marks a particularly important development in the fields of psychology, human science, integral health and sciences, comparative religion and philosophy. It is particularly innovative for those in clinical psychology who may deal with more "individual" issues.
For CIHS students, registration week starts the week of December 11 - 15, 2017
. Please register online from the link below. If you have any questions about the course(s) you need to take, please contact your Program Director or Dr. Umansky 
Lastly, in this holiday season if you use Amazon, please consider using AmazonSmile ( ) which is connected with the California Institute for Human Science so that we can receive donations toward the development of our education programs. Your generosity will further the advancement of our programs, including strengthening student life.
We wish you a wonderful time during this holiday season. We look forward to seeing you on campus at one of our many events in the coming year. May the good wishes follow you throughout the coming New Year.
Hideki Baba, Ph.D.

CIHS Annual Gathering & Open House

Friday December 8th
5:30-7:30 p.m.
The California Institute for Human Science would like to invite you, your family, and friends to the  
CIHS Annual Gathering / Open House. 
  • 5:30 - AMI Device Demonstration
  • 6:30 - Alumnae Panel "Life After CIHS: Fascinating Things to do with a CIHS      Degree"
Catered by: Himalayan Kitchen
Let's have a wonderful time celebrating the holiday season by meeting faculty, classmates, friends, and neighbors. Feel free to bring someone you know who may be interested in our unique graduate school and research center, or you may pass the invitation along to them. Everyone is welcome to our community event. 
Location:   California Institute for Human Science
                    701 Garden View Ct.     
              Encinitas, CA 92024


Message from the Dean 

Dr. Hope Umansky 

Happy Holidays CIHS Community,
As I became immersed in an administrative role at CIHS, Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama, CIHS Founding President and Spiritual Leader, always reminded his administration, faculty, staff, students, and devotees, that the meaning of being human is love in its many forms. Since last year, we have become sounder and stronger in our voice as the many branches of CIHS community have come together to strengthen your voice, industry, and community. As a result, CIHS' organizational structure and programs, curriculum, dedication to faculty and students, has shifted and strengthened. As part of our community, you are an integral part of how CIHS wants to impact humanity by helping to create a global, peaceful society. As an emerging Integral institution, we are always seeking to evolve and innovate, including our deepening WASC initiative.
In 2017, CIHS has broadened, strengthened, and grown. As a result, CIHS is more institutionally cohesive although much more diverse in thought and direction, as it has sought independence and accreditation. We have established community outreach and efforts, made alliances, created inroads all to cement Dr. Motoyama's legacy and the great big spiritual love from which he speaks and to which he, Mrs. Motoyama, and his family (spiritual and physical) work to support.
As a student you are at the heart of CIHS. You have come to CIHS-- almost in its 25th year and in many ways developing alongside you.-to further this spiritual love and seeking an aspect of the divine through understanding psychology, integral health and sciences, comparative religion and philosophy. We want to recognize the gift that your earnestness, enthusiasm, and drive brings to our institutional efforts toward growth, quality, and legacy. We hope that as the heart of our internal structure builds and strengthens in the form of an Independent Board of Directors overseeing all operations, Key Strategic Advisors and Consultants, Integral Leadership, Business, Marketing Efforts and Initiatives, Community Education, Course Development and Subject Matter Experts, all of which are busy working behind the scenes like a tree developing branches to strengthen and broaden your student experience. As we move into 2018, a challenging society full of opportunity to positively impact you, your profession and, hope you can experience the shift as our roots expand and grow and find your own Integral niche.
The Winter Quarter 2018 schedule is below. Registration opens December 11, 2017-December 2018.
Topic of Special Interest: Clinical Aspects of Violence Prevention in Organizations and the Creation of Safe Communities, and a Cohesive Culture , Dr. Roger Cavnaugh, elective all programs; psychology elective; open to audit to community members. Please see Course Description Below.
Academic Writing Within the Human Sciences , Dr. Ji Hyang Padma, CIHS GATEWAY Course Requirement ALL Programs.
Subtle Energy Devices Survey Course , Dr. Gaetan Chevalier and Dr. Thomas Brophy, intensive lab format.
Subtle Energy Systems I , Dr. Mali Burgess, Integral Health/Sciences Core Class; Spiritual Education Requirement.
Consciousness Studies , Dr. Ji Hyang Padma, CIHS core course all programs.
Neuroscience/Psychology & Spirituality , Dr. Sam Aganov, Clinical Psychology Requirement
Human Sexuality: Advanced Energetic Considerations , Dr. Michelle Dexter. Clinical Psychology Course Requirement AND Elective All Programs.
Psychology of Personality , Dr. Tamara Goldsby, Clinical Psychology Recommended and All Program Elective.
Introduction of Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods , Dr. Randy Fauver. MA requirement ALL PROGRAMS.
Psychology of Mind/Body & Energy , Dr. Sharon Mijares, Integral Psychology Clinical Requirement and Elective All Programs.
If you have questions about courses, enriching your skillset, and re-establishing / continuing your degree and what class to take, please reach out to one of us. We are happy to talk with you about how CIHS can be a positive agent of change in your life.

Hope Umansky, PhD
Dean of Academic Affairs

Amazon Smile  

Ho Ho Hold on.... Before you do that online shopping, please use the link below instead!  By using Amazon Smile for you Amazon Online shopping, CIHS will receive a donation ( 0.5% of your purchase will be donated to CIHS).  You don't have to do ANYTHING different, except click on the link below! It't the SAME amazon, uses your SAME login/account info, this just links your purchase to our school. And you pay the same price for everything, Smile just directs Amazon where to send their philanthropy.

Rest assured, we do NOT receive ANY information about the purchases made.  We simply receive a quarterly donation 'check' based on sales.  Your information is never shared with us.

Spread the word... and help out CIHS while doing ALL your Amazon shopping (TEXTBOOKS TOO!).

Community Event Updates

Dr. Ji Hyang Padma 

CIHS welcomes the season of light with three events that provide renewal and spiritual growth.
  • On Wednesday, December 6th at 7 pm we welcome the Healing Circle, a grace-filled evening of community energy- work practitioners who freely share the sacred gift of healing. More information can be found here:
  •  On Wednesday, December 13th at 7 pm we will screen the film Emerging Proud,.  #Emerging Proud  explores what can be learned from people around the world who have turned their psychological crisis into a positive transformative experience. Join us in creating the emerging paradigm for the future of a more holistic mental health conceptual framework.  Bring a blanket and pillow if you like, we will provide the popcorn! More information can be found here:
  • On Wednesday, December 20th at 7 pm we welcome Deep Sound Meditation, he largest and longest playing sound meditation in the country.  Participants in Deep Sound Meditations report healing on many levels, a nourishing and rejuvenating relaxation and often transformative insights. Proceeds benefit the Bishwa Seva Foundation and CIHS. $20. More information can be found here:

New Course in Winter 2018
"Clinical Aspects of Violence Prevention in Organizations and in the Creation of Safe Communities and a Cohesive Culture"
by Roger Cavnaugh, Ph.D.
"Clinical Aspects of Violence Prevention in Organizations and In the Creation of Safe Communities and a Cohesive Culture"
Looking out over the landscape of our rapidly shifting, fractured cultures, it's easy to be discouraged. The question of "What's Next?" comes to mind as well as what is our personal role in all of this. It helps to remember we are on an epic journey towards a new way of life. What that will be is up to us. Perhaps now is the time to apply what we already know to our institutional settings and create greater safety, mutual respect, and more healthy and cohesive institutional cultures whose norms are the peaceful resolution of conflict and the cooperative functioning of diverse interests.
I am pleased to announce a new course this coming quarter, "Clinical Aspects of Violence Prevention in Organizations and in the Creation of Safe Communities and a Cohesive Culture" to acquaint students with what is already being done and to explore what contributions integral perspectives can make towards a more peaceful and healthy culture. The course description follows:
A fundamental challenge of our times is to overcome the inertia, lack of vision, and partisanship that allows the continuing creation of a divisive culture and institutional practices that fuel violence and division. This class explores how the clinical aspects of violence prevention are reflected in the institutional policies of the workplace and of schools as well as in our larger culture. The class will provide productive insights into how to move our institutions and way of life towards an integral consciousness that can be the foundation for a way of life that embodies our aspirations for safety, peace and justice .
This class draws upon my own experience as an activist and community organizer, as a researcher and trainer in school violence prevention, as a local elected official in my local community, and as an experienced psychologist and healer. Credit is available for all CIHS students as an elective. Community members and those in the helping professions who are interested in violence prevention, peacemaking and building community are invited to audit this class. For more information, feel free to email me at or arrange a phone call by leaving a message at 858 453 4439.

Cool things CIHS faculty are doing

CIHS Executive Dean Dr. Thomas Brophy will be featured in a radio interview. The show will air on December 13th at 12:00 noon PT via Spreaker Radio. The interview series is Light News radio, hosted by Dr. Richard Jelusich, a CIHS PhD alumn and currently a member of the CIHS Governing Board. The fast-paced interview features Dr. Brophy's researches and expeditions in the field of archaeoastronomy and foundations of consciousness, and the exciting mission and new activities at CIHS.

Here is the link for all Light News radio shows:

And here is the live link for initial air of the show, December 13th at 12:00 PT (scroll down to Light News Radio and click):
Dr. Paul Mills' Research Funding Site Launched
CIHS board member and UCSD's own Dr. Paul Mills is a preeminent researcher in alternative and cutting-edge research.  Our own Paul Mills has just published a study in the prestigious journal JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) on his study examining Glyphosate, the active ingredient in RoundUp pesticide.
Paul has just launched a cloudfunding campaign to fund his next study on Glyphosate.  It is all over the news now (please see links below).

Funding Page


San Diego Union Tribune