FALL 2015    

The digital wave is at full strength and its impact on government continues.  The fastest, emerging trend is how mobile applications help government agencies improve efficiencies, serve citizens more effectively, and make decisions faster.  SeeClickFix has become the "gold standard" for public sector agencies serious about improving the customer experience.

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Anacortes, Coppell
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Over the last few months, our team has consulted with different organizations of various sizes.
In Seaside, Patrick presented two learning/training workshops at the annual conference of the Oregon Association of Municipal Recorders.  An extra special treat was Patrick's son, 10 year old Maximiliano, joined his Dad for the conference and introduced him, as well.  It was very special for both Patrick and Maximiliano.

Implementing a Comprehensive
Talent Management Program

Building a strong and capable workforce is a never-ending journey. Read our recommendations on how to transition from the workforce you have to the workforce you want.

Best Practices are the Enemy of Innovation

The problem with best practices is that they often merely masquerade as innovation. In the wrong hands, they become a shield to deflect critics, as though one can expect to be granted management immunity by proclaiming the use of supposedly tried-and-proven solutions. But a cut-and-paste approach to better government is emblematic of status-quo thinking, the "we've-always-done-it-that-way" mindset that serves as a powerful deterrent to meaningful change. Best practices are typically about today, while next practices are about tomorrow.  The search for those next practices requires a heavy emphasis on aggregating information from all sectors - public, private and nonprofit - and really analyzing it, seeking to discover where it all converges and transitions from a trend to an opportunity.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

On February 4 in Normal, Patrick will be presenting two sessions at the Illinois City/County Management Association Winter Conference.
On February 18, Patrick will be speaking on "Succession Planning" at the Southern California Labor Public Relations Council (SCPLRC) Conference in Lakewood.
On March 4 in Madison, Patrick will be presenting a session at the Wisconsin City/County Management Association Winter Conference.

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