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Happy November!

I can't believe it's already been two weeks since Festival. I miss being out there-how about you?

As your new Director of Communications, I'll send emails regularly with the information you need to know about CMA as an organization. To that end, this message is chock full of fresh knowledge for you.

Jodi Paul
Director of Communications
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From the Executive Director Elect

The Samhain festival and Great Works meeting were eventful and productive. Great things are happening in the organization and we are moving forward toward Beltane with the goals of 500 adults in attendance at Beltane and a tractor in 2017. The minutes of the Great Works Meeting are being finalized.  

In the meantime, we have several announcements to make. First is the appointment of two interim board members, William "Sticker Bill" Stevens as Director of Records and Jodi Paul as Director of Communications. Both of them have graciously agreed to serve until the Beltane 2017 elections, which brings us to the next announcement. Other announcements are below.

Great things are ahead for CMA. May the changes lead us all to great opportunities.

Executive Director Elect
Voting Proposal

There will be a member-wide vote in a few weeks on two issues, the first is the Financial Policy, which is up on the website at , and the other is the following referendum: 

"The candidates for the CMA Board of Directors elected at Beltane 2017 shall hold office through the remaining term and the entire 2018 term. All board positions shall come up for member vote at Samhain 2018." 

We are asking for a yes or no vote on the referendum so we can plan for the continuity of the board and normalize all the board elections back to Samhain. This minimizes changes to our bylaws.

Voting for these issues will open on November 14 and will close on December 5. You'll receive an email separately with instructions on how to vote on these issues.
Appointed Board Members

No one ran for the offices of Director of Communications or Director of Records. Therefore, those two open Board positions were filled by appointment.

Jodi Paul is our new Director of Communications. She has been a CMA member since 1993. This position is right up her alley, since her day job is a Marketing communicator. She is looking forward to leveraging her skills to help CMA grow.

William Stevens (also known as Sticker Bill) is our new Director of Records. He has been a CMA member since 1997. He will be bringing his computer and organizational skills into play to help CMA flourish.
Member Survey

We have created a post-Samhain festival survey that will help us better understand how you, the Members, feel our festivals can be improved. Other surveys will be forthcoming in the next several months, as well.

This first survey should take somewhere between 10 and 30 minutes to complete. By pitching in to give us your feedback, you will be giving us valuable information, and we sincerely appreciate your time.

You'll also receive a separate email with a link to the survey, but for your convenience, the link to the survey is

Workend Schedule

The next workend is scheduled for November 11 - 13, Veteran's Day weekend.

Be sure to check in on the Spirit Haven Ranch Team Facebook page to stay informed about the workend schedule.

Photo credits (left to right)
"Herne's Altar": Carla "Alchemy" Hargrove; "Maypole": Cheyenne Kramm;
"Sun Through Grandmother's Branches": Greta Rewa;
"Rainbow Camp Altar": Cheyenne Kramm; "Drums at the Fire": Amanda Boehm