March 2014 
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CMCI Update:  
The Governors are always looking for the best ways to improve the CCM designation.  Over the past year, the Governors completely revamped and streamlined the application process.  The changes stemmed from survey responses to potential applicants and a recommendation from the CCM accrediting body, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), on ways to improve the application process.  By placing a heavy emphasis on the references required and minimizing the writing involved, the Governors took the paper application online in January of 2014 and eased the burden of filling out the older paper application.  Although none of the eligibility requirements to become a CCM have changed, the streamlined application has proven to potential applicants that there are fewer hurdles than ever to applying.  Since the online application went live this past January, CMCI has received nearly 200 new CCM applications.  That's an increase of over 100 more applications compared to this time frame in 2013.

The increased interest in the CCM program will help increase the awareness of the credential to your peers, clients and owners.

Get involved with CMCI

CMCI has also welcomed fourteen new volunteers to two different CCM Exam Committees.  These new volunteers will help shape the future of the CCM examination and ensure that only the most qualified CMs continue to earn the CCM credential

The institute is always looking for volunteers to serve committees.  Committee participation is worth 1 renewal point per year and will require you to sign a non-disclosure agreement.  If you are interested in participating on a committee, please send your resume to  

Promotional CCM Videos

CMCI has new promotional videos on Why Hire A CCM? and Why Become A CCM?.  The videos feature industry leaders candidly expressing their thoughts on the CM credential; such as Parsons' Tony Leketa, VDOT's Mark Cacamis, and Sam Sleiman of MassPort.  These videos were designed to help promote the CCM to potential applicants as well as owners and service providers.  The videos are available for your use when advocating your credential.
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Take Your CM Credential Abroad   

The International Accreditation Forum

(IAF) recently announced that it will expand its Multilateral Recognition Arrangement (MLA) to apply to eligible personnel certification bodies worldwide. The announcement signifies a major, historic step in the field of personnel certification, allowing for the international recognition of certification bodies accredited by recognized accreditation bodies.  

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the CCM's accreditation body and a U.S. representative to the IAF, applauds this development, which is expected to bolster the portability and effectiveness of personnel certifications the world over.


To learn more about the IAF MLA, visit the MLA section of IAF's official website.  

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We Want To Hear From You  

2014 CCM Annual Surveillance Survey

CMCI will soon send you the 2014 CCM Annual Surveillance Survey.  This short survey should take no more than 5 minutes to complete, but the results are impactful.  This is your time to be heard - express your opinion and help us build a better credential.  Make sure you're on the look out for the survey to arrive in your inbox in the coming weeks. 
Know an Outstanding CCM Who Deserves Recognition?

It's time to be recognized for the hard work you do every day as CCMs. So tell us the story about you or someone you know! We are looking for CCMs who are completing great projects, advocating the credential, or getting involved in the community.  Your great stories may get publish by CMCI or CMAA, and it possible that you or individual may be nominated for the CCM of the year award. Please be submit all stories to and include a photo of the person in the story.
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CCMs Needed For ABET Evaluations 

CMAA has begun the process of accrediting undergraduate CM programs through ABET's Applied Science Accreditation Commission (ASAC) and we need your help.

We believe that only professionals who are Certified Construction Managers are qualified to evaluate CM programs, and we need you and the CCM community to step up and volunteer to be program evaluators (PEVs). As a PEV, you will help assess programs both through review of written submissions and site visits. The good news is that you can receive enough points for CCM recertification through ABET's training and evaluation process.  

Please click on the links below to learn more about becoming a program evaluator, and to apply:

1.    The entire process is described here:

2.    The first step is to submit an application. The application process and the application itself are explained in detail at the following link:

3.    Once ABET has received your application, CMAA will review it and approve you to be a PEVC (program evaluator candidate).

4.    Once we have you approved to be a PEVC, you will be able to begin training. Training consists of two parts: an online portion and face-to-face training, which is a weekend-long session with four different options. Although CM Evaluators can choose any face-to-face session, the encouraged dates are either April 25-27 or June 20-22, because we will have the best ASAC staff coverage for these sessions.

Becoming a PEV will help you earn the majority of the points required to recertify your CCM.  Get involved in shaping the industry's future - apply to become a program evaluator today.
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A Must Attend Event

 Professionals responsible for construction management, commercial development, public/private partnerships and project funding and delivery will not want to miss out on the CMAA's Capital Project Symposium in Baltimore this May 4th-6th.

Capital Projects Symposium 2014 is a high level exploration and comparison of today's leading delivery methods and the keys to success in choosing and implementing them. Financing, partnering, contracts, bonding, risk management, legal and regulatory issues, international models - will all be on the agenda. Through expert plenary sessions and focused, practical breakouts (along with ample networking time), both owners and practitioners will gain understanding of today's options and tools for mastering them at CPS2014.
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Recertification Getting Easier              

Renewing your CCM is easier than ever.  Not only can the Recertification Tracking Portal help you keep track of your CCM Renewal Points and other licenses or certifications you may hold, but  soon, you'll be able to renew through the portal as well.  Using the portal, you're able to upload and keep track of all the points and documents you accumulate during your current recertification period.

Once you have accumulated the 25 points necessary to renew your CCM and are within 120 days of your expiration date, you will be permitted to click submit and apply your payment online through the portal.

Required to access or create your transcript profile is the email address CMCI has on file for you and your CCM number.  More information on how to use the Recertification Tracking Portal is available by downloading the Recert Track information sheet
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Ways To Earn Renewal Points

Volunteer Opportunities

Are you interested in becoming more involved with CMAA? Are you looking for additional ways to earn CCM Recertification points? Do you enjoy working with up-and-coming CMs? If so, we have two opportunities for you to become more involved!

Teach part of the Professional CM Course:

To sign-up:

Completing this form DOES NOT commit you to anything, it is simply an indication of your interest in being involved with the course in the future, schedule permitting.   For more information on the CMAA Professional CM Course:

Be a Mentor!

To sign-up:

Your information will be included in a list supplied to CMIT's. You will have the opportunity to accept or decline potential mentees. For more information on the CMIT program:
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Submit Your Projects for the 2014 Project Achievement Awards

Shine a spotlight on your most successful projects. Recognize your team and clients. It's now easier than ever to go for CMAA's prestigious annual award honoring innovation and achievement in capital projects. New for this year, we've shortened the application, simplified the judging process, and put the emphasis on innovation and value delivered by the CM.  Instead of providing extensive detail in a dozen different areas, submitters now have to craft a single, short statement describing the unique contributions of the CM, then back up that statement with relevant supporting data.  The goals are to make the process simpler, encourage more entries, and assure that the honored projects really "make the case" for professional CM/PM. The deadline to submit your projects is June 30 and more information is available at

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The Job Hunt   
Are you in search of your next career position?

You can use the CareerHQ to find your next position or post a resume for FREE!

Are you looking to hire the next great employee?

With the CareerHQ, your job openings are visible to more than 5,000 potential applicants, and allows you to search resumes posted by registered users. Whether you need to expand your resources with new entry level personnel, or expand your horizons with a new CEO, there's no more flexible or cost-effective way to search.

The following jobs currently on the CMAA CareerHQ prefer the CCM:
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LinkedIn to the CCM? 
 CMCI has an official CCM LinkedIn group. This group was designed as a place for CMs to discuss their careers; the CCM application; mentors; job opportunities with the industry; recertification; questions or concerns about the certification; and to network with other CCMs.

This is the only official CCM LinkedIn group run by CMCI. It is not only for CCMs, but for aspiring CCMs, CMITs, rising CMs, and anyone interested in the designation. All CMs are encouraged to join and participate in the discussions.
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