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Cheryl Fisher

Community Outreach

New Role Fisher

Cheryl Fisher, of New Vienna, is now the community outreach representative for CMH Regional Health System. In this new position, Fisher is working primarily with local and regional physicians to help insure that CMH is meeting their needs and the needs of their patients.


Fisher also acts as a liaison for CMH with other health care providers, employers and nursing homes, according to CMH president and chief executive officer Dr. Michael Choo.


Fisher, a CMH employee for more than nine years, was formerly the manager of the CMH Center for OB/GYN and CMH Corporate Health Services. She can be reached at 937.655.8235 or at 937.725.2419.


"Cheryl will be meeting regularly with our local doctors to determine how we can better serve them," said Dr. Choo. "She also will be visiting with new physicians who are out of the county to make them aware of our expanding services."



Right-sided Heart Catheterizations Being Performed

In Interventional Radiology and Vascular Laboratory

Cardiologists with Ohio Heart and Vascular Center are now performing low risk, right-sided heart catheterizations in the Interventional and Vascular Radiology Department at Clinton Memorial Hospital.


News of this new service being added was announced previously in Choo on this and the CMH Vision and was given front page coverage in the August 29 Wilmington News-Journal:


Cardiac catheterization is the common name for a group of diagnostic tests used to obtain information about the heart and/or its blood vessels. A right-sided heart catheterization measures the various pressures in the heart and can help determine medications that patients need to be placed on to manage their heart disease.


"We are pleased to be able to start offering this service in Wilmington," said Dr. Joe Choo, the medical director of the new service and one of three Ohio Heart physicians who is performing the procedures. The others are Dr. Santosh Menon and Dr. Greg Egnazyck.


During a right-sided heart catheterization, a cardiologist inserts a long, flexible tube (called a catheter) into a blood vessel (usually in either the arm or groin). The tube is inserted into the vessel through a very small incision made by the physician after the area is numbed with medication. The tube is then directed to the heart for purposes of measuring the pressures within the heart, as well as the cardiac output (the amount of blood that flows through the lungs), determining the oxygen content of blood in the heart chambers, and evaluating the structural components of the heart.


Dr. Choo said the primary reason for conducting a cardiac catheterization is to diagnose and manage persons known or suspected to have heart disease, a frequently fatal condition that leads to 1.5 million heart attacks annually in the United States. Symptoms and diagnoses that may lead to performing this procedure include:


chest pain, characterized by prolonged heavy pressure or a

squeezing pain,

abnormal treadmill stress test,

myocardial infarction, also known as a heart attack,

congenital heart defects, or heart problems that originated from birth,

a diagnosis of valvular-heart disease,

or a need to measure the heart muscle's ability to pump blood


The lab where this new cardiac service is being performed was the location of CMH's low risk heart catheterization laboratory from September of 2004 until December of 2008.


CMH converted the lab to the Interventional Radiology and Vascular Surgery Laboratory and it has averaged about 800 procedures per year since 2008.


The Ohio Heart and Vascular Center is also offering expanded cardiovascular services to the area with the opening of a heart failure clinic in its Wilmington office--Suite 300 of the CMH Professional Building, 630 W. Main St., next to Clinton Memorial Hospital.

CMHers Trisel, Walker Receive First Auxiliary Scholarships 

The first two CMH employees to receive the new scholarships from the Clinton County Community Health Auxiliary (formerly the CMH Foundation Auxiliary) were formally recognized in a recent reception in the CMH Conference Center.


Receiving the scholarships are Kathy Trisel and Allison Walker.


Read all about it in this link to the Wilmington News-Journal:






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