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Valued California MedTrans Network Provider,

At California Medtrans Network, we continually strive to achieve our mission of transporting our members to better health, and we appreciate the business relationship we share with each of our valued providers in collectively striving to achieve that mission. As part of this continual endeavor, California Medtrans Network is proud to announce the release of our new Provider Portal! Our Provider Portal is a brand new tool designed to help you deliver the best service possible to our members, as well as help California MedTrans Network provide you with the tools and resources you need to achieve the best service possible.

The goal of the Provider Portal is to eliminate the number of phone calls made by both you, as the provider, and us as the benefit manager, through the functionality and features within the Provider Portal. Additionally, the Provider Portal serves as a valuable tool that allows you to streamline the workflow within your organization. The six (6) tabs within the Provider Portal are described below:

  • ACCEPT/REJECT : You can accept and reject your trips in real time. Once a customer service representative at California MedTrans Network books a trip for a member, the trip is automatically uploaded onto the provider portal. You no longer have to wait until the day before to accept or reject your trips.
  • MANIFEST : You will be able to download your manifest from the provider portal. In this tab you will be able to add pick up times, drop off times, assign drivers, and vehicles. This will make record keeping a lot easier!
  • ATTESTATION : This is where you are going to be doing your billing. Upon attesting to the trips you performed, the trips are then automatically transferred to billing. This means that invoices are created automatically the moment you attest to the trips you performed. No separate bill/invoice needs to be submitted to California MedTrans Network. This will have your claims processed in real time to the insurance company.
  • VEHICLE : Under this tab, you can add all your vehicle information. This is where the information is stored so you can pull up your vehicles in the Manifest feature.
  • DRIVER : Similar to the Vehicle tab, you will add and store your driver information for the Manifest Tab.
  • COUNTY : In this tab, you dictate to California MedTrans Network your coverage area. This is how California MedTrans Network assigns trips to your company. Make sure this tab is always updated to the service area you cover.

You will be able to access our Provider Portal through our website, , just click the button "Provider Dispatch Portal".  In a separate notice, California MedTrans Network will provide you with the credentials that will enable you to log into the Provider Portal on November 30, 2015. For now, we encourage to review the brief tutorial provided you for more information regarding the Provider Portal. The direct link for that tutorial is as follows: .

It is the hope of California Medtrans Network that the Provider Portal will be utilized to its full potential, and that it will be a beneficial asset to your business workflow and organization. We ask that if you have any questions, to please contact California Medtrans Network at the toll free, Provider number at 1-844-885-2696.


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