January 2015


Happy New Year 


Welcome 2015 CNE Exhibitors! Planning for the 2015 Canadian National Exhibition is well underway, keep up-to-date on all aspects of the CNE through our Exhibitor Newsletters. We will be sending you updates on everything from important deadlines to exhibitor marketing opportunities in a series of newsletters as we approach the CNE. 


Key information and forms will also be uploaded to the Vendor Info page of the CNE website.


Stay tuned for details on ways to maximize your experience at the CNE! 


Payment Reminder


Just a friendly reminder that your second 25% Installment Payment is scheduled for January,19th 2015. 


If you have not already done so, please contact your Account Manager to arrange payments. 


Jeannette Mintz |

416.263.3849 |


Mark Montpetit |   

416.263.3847 | 


Please note that late payments are subject to an interest charge of 2% per day.


Thank you for your prompt payments! 


Refer a Friend

The CNE offers an EXCITING opportunity to directly connect with 1.43 million visitors who come to the fair for the ultimate shopping experience while discovering and interacting with FUN at the fair. 

Know someone who might be interested in participating at the CNE? Share information on exhibiting at the CNE with a friend or business associate.

Click here to view the Application Submission Criteria and Exhibitor Applications. 

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Exhibitor Assistance At Hand 

The Canadian National Exhibition is pleased to provide our exhibitors access to the highest level of service through our official suppliers who are available to assist you with your requests and needs.  

Importing Goods? If you are bringing merchandise into Canada, a customs broker can determine the proper customs tariff classifications, duties and taxes payable for your goods. They will facilitate the clearance of your goods through customs, prepare and file the necessary custom forms and arrange for payment of duties. There is a brokerage fee for this service. 

Need to get your products across the border? Our Official Customs Broker - TWI Group - is available to assist. Contact Zaza Vili at zvili@twigroup.com or Pat D'Alessandro at pdalessandro@twigroup.com for all of your custom broker needs. Visit www.twigroup.com or call 905.812.1124 for more information. 

Are you Insured? As a condition of exhibiting, you are required to have insurance coverage for your booth against theft, damage and personal injury. The CNE has appointed ExhibitorInsurance.com as the recommended insurance contractor for exhibitors. Visit  www.exhibitorinsurance.com or call 905.695.2971 for details.