January 2015


Happy New Year 


Welcome 2015 Food Building Concessionaires! Planning for the 2015 Canadian National Exhibition is well underway, keep up-to-date on all aspects of the CNE through our Food Building Newsletters. We will be sending you updates on everything from important deadlines to marketing opportunities in a series of newsletters as we approach the CNE. 


Key information and forms will also be uploaded to the Vendor Info page of the CNE website.


Stay tuned for details on ways to maximize your experience at the CNE! 


Payment Reminder


Just a friendly reminder that your initial 25% Installment Payment is scheduled for January, 26 2015. 


If you have not already done so, please contact your Account Manager to arrange payments. 


Jeannette Mintz |416.263.3849 |jmintz@theex.com


Please note that late payments are subject to an interest charge of 2% per day.


Thank you for your prompt payments! 


Have an Innovative Food-service Concept?   

If the kitchen is your studio, and you find yourself experimenting and creating new ways to serve up a meal -- we're looking for you! 

Click here for the Food Building Proposal Submission Criteria 
Click here to view the Food & Retail Prospectus

Proposal Submission Deadline: January 30, 2015

mini-pizza-spatula.jpg Adding New Menu Items 

If you wish to add menu items, not currently on your approved list of menu options, it is important that you notify us. Please submit your new items/ changes or additions to Jeannette Mintz at jmintz@theex.com

All new menu item additions/ changes are required in in writing prior to February, 28 2015 for review and consideration by the Review Committee. 

Food Products Day
New Program Initiative

In 2014, at the annual general meeting you requested the Executive Committee come up with new initiatives for the 2015 edition of Food Products Day at the CNE. We listened.

We have looked at a number of event programs and we have come up with two options that we would like you all to consider.

We have a maximum of $12,000 to work with this year, if our grant request from the CNE is approved.

In the past, we have purchased household items to be distributed as prizes. This year we are looking to have prizes of food through vouchers from within the building and/or we can supplement these prizes with gift cards as well.

The two options are: 

Option A:
A two tiered type of prize giveaway based on $5,000.00 in Gift Cards and $7,000 in food building concessionaires vouchers. Value of each voucher is based on a $3 - $5 - $7 and $8 denomination. 
Options B:
$12,000 max in vouchers with the same denominations, as above.

Visitors to the Food Building will continue to Play & Win using the Computer Screen program to allot the prize, similar gaming structure as in previous years.

All vouchers would be reimbursed by the Food Products Association at the rate of 50 PERCENT on the face value of each voucher.

We feel that both Prizing Options presented above, will help to drive customers to your booth and you will benefit from incremental purchases made throughout the fair.

Please reply to Dan Millar at dan_millar@can.salvationarmy.org and state that you accept the terms of the new program, and advise of your intentions to participate by no later than February 16, 2015

Exhibitor Assistance At Hand 

The Canadian National Exhibition is pleased to provide our exhibitors access to the highest level of service through our official suppliers who are available to assist you with your requests and needs.  

Are you Insured? As a condition of exhibiting, you are required to have insurance coverage of 5 million dollars for your Concession Booth against theft, damage and personal injury. 

The CNE has appointed ExhibitorInsurance.com as the recommended insurance contractor for exhibitors. Visit  www.exhibitorinsurance.com or call 905.695.2971 for details.