October 10, 2015
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Important COGCC Stakeholder Meeting -
Thursday, October 16th
The COGCC is holding Stakeholder Meetings next week, October 14-16th to discuss COGCC rule-making.  The original intention of the draft of the COGCC rules was to require operators to look for locations away from homes and neighborhoods.

The draft rules will be discussed at the Stakeholder meetings. We would like to maximize the ACCDAN impact on Thursday when the issues of greater concern are scheduled for discussion.  If you can only come one day please make it Thursday, October 15th.

Meetings will be located in the Wasatch Room in the Commission's Denver office located on the 8th Floor of the Chancery Building, 1120 Lincoln Street, Denver, Colorado 80203.

You may call in ( see COGCC Stakeholder Meeting Notice) although it is more difficult to participate telephonically.
Synergy Presentation to Adams County

On Tuesday, October 6th, Synergy gave a presentation to Adams County officials during a study session.   T hank you to the 50+ people that were able to attend.  That was an impressive weekday show of support that was very much noticed by Synergy and our elected officials.  And thank you to everyone for being patient and considerate of our role as observers.  The study session lasted two hours and included questions from the Adams County Commissioners. 

There were some similarities to Synergy's presentation on September 16th and some differences noted below. 
  • Synergy indicated they are looking at two alternative sites for drilling.  However, the Alternative Site Analysis will not be completed for approximately two months. 
    Site A -  the southeast corner of 144th and Washington 

    Site B - the northeast corner of 136th and Washington 

  • Synergy stated they own numerous other leaseholds in Adams County.  The commissioners asked Synergy if they could start with another site to build a reputation for doing what they promised. 
  • Synergy stated that the Wadley Farm site is the most contentious of their proposed sites.  
  • The commissioners asked questions about the drilling safety as it pertained to the drilling through three aquifers of drinking water.
  • Synergy admitted that drilling proposal will have a significant impact on the neighborhood.
COGCC Draft Rules and ACCDAN's Response 

The COGCC released their  Draft Rules to Implement the Governor's Oil and Gas Task Force Recommendation Nos. 17 and 20 issued by the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) on October 6. ACCDAN sent out a press release in response to the Draft Rules. 

From the ACCDAN News Release:
"We are extremely disappointed. After working with the county and the operator to postpone siting negotiations until after the new COGCC rules were implemented, we now discover the draft rules offer those of us in Wadley Farms no protection whatsoever," ACCDAN Board President Jacky Kowalsky said today. "These rules contain no additional minimum setback for oil and gas wells drilled within neighborhoods, they contain no additional required mitigations for wells in neighborhoods and they provide no voice in the process for the people who will have to live with large oil and gas facilities in their backyard." 


How You Can Help

We need to make our voices heard! Here are many ways you can help:
  • Attend COGCC Stakeholder Meeting October 15th.
  • Talk to your neighbors regarding what is being proposed.  Have them email us at information@accdan.org for more information.
  • Buy a yard sign. Yard signs are available for purchase at FastSigns, 1480 W. 104th Ave, Northglenn, CO, 80234. The cost is $16.

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