The Fifth Sunday of Lent - March 18, 2018
Monday—NO MASS
Tuesday— 9:00am
Wednesday — 6:00pm
Thursday — 9:00am
Friday — 9:00am
Saturday Vigil—5:00pm.
Saturday - 4:00  - 4:45pm or
call for appointment
Eucharistic Adoration
1st Friday 9 am – 6 pm
SVdP Hotline 706-453-4744
Rosary Before Mass @ 8:40am
United in Christ, All for the Glory of God
Pastor: Father Roberto Herrera
(24/7) 678-608-7829


Business Manager
John Steadman
Millie Browning
Director of Faith Formation
Bev Fox
Youth Ministry Coordinator
Kasey Lansford
Communications Coordinator
Emily Faz
Pastoral Administration
Lily Vaughn
Office Reception
Tamara Prendergast
Clarence Drinkwine
Here are the weekly highlights

  • Donuts after 9am Mass.
  • Knights of Columbus will be hosting a third Fish Fry March 23rd from 5:30pm-7pm in the Social Hall. 
  • March 19th-22nd Father Moore from the Saint Patrick’s Fathers will be visiting for our Mission Retreat. Father Moore will be holding Masses during those days at 9am and 6pm with the 6pm being a repeat of the 9:00. These masses will take us through our own struggles and help us see them in light of our Lord's own struggles. Please view the attached flyer (in announcements) for more information, and a listing of Masses. We hope to see all of you there! 
  • Penance Service on Thursday March 22nd at 7:30. There will be five Priests.
  • Don't forget to attend the Stations of the cross every Friday during Lent. The schedule is as follows:
Stations of the Cross for Lent 2018 will be held every Friday at 5pm
Friday March 9  
Friday March 16
Friday March 23
Father Herrera's Page
St. Joseph
St. Joseph was probably born in Bethlehem and probably died in Nazareth.
He was an ordinary manual laborer although descended from the royal house of David. In the designs of Providence he was destined to become the spouse of the Mother of God. His high privilege is expressed in a single phrase, "Foster-father of Jesus." About him Sacred Scripture has little more to say than that he was a just man-an expression which indicates how faithfully he fulfilled his high trust of protecting and guarding God's greatest treasures upon earth, Jesus and Mary.
The darkest hours of his life may well have been those when he first learned of Mary's pregnancy; but precisely in this time of trial Joseph showed himself great. His suffering, which likewise formed a part of the work of the redemption, was not without great providential import: Joseph was to be, for all times, the trustworthy witness of the Messiah's virgin birth. After this, he modestly retires into the background of holy Scripture.
Of St. Joseph's death the Bible tells us nothing. There are indications, however, that he died before the beginning of Christ's public life. His was the most beautiful death that one could have, in the arms of Jesus and Mary. Humbly and unknown, he passed his years at Nazareth, silent and almost forgotten he remained in the background through centuries of Church history. Only in more recent times has he been accorded greater honor. Liturgical veneration of St. Joseph began in the fifteenth century, fostered by Sts. Brigid of Sweden and Bernadine of Siena. St. Teresa, too, did much to further his cult.
At present there are two major feasts in his honor. On March 19 our veneration is directed to him personally and to his part in the work of redemption, while on May 1 we honor him as the patron of workmen throughout the world and as our guide in the difficult matter of establishing equitable norms regarding obligations and rights in the social order.

St. Joseph is invoked as patron for many causes. He is the patron of the Universal Church. He is the patron of the dying because Jesus and Mary were at his death-bed. He is also the patron of fathers, of carpenters, and of social justice. Many religious orders and communities are placed under his patronage.
Patron:  Against doubt; against hesitation; Americas; Austria; Diocese of Baton Rouge, Louisiana; California; Belgium; Bohemia; bursars; cabinetmakers; Canada; Carinthia; carpenters; China; confectioners; craftsmen; Croatian people (in 1687 by decree of the Croatian parliament) dying people; emigrants; engineers; expectant mothers; families; fathers; Florence, Italy; happy death; holy death; house hunters; immigrants; interior souls; Korea; laborers; Diocese of La Crosse, Wisconsin; Archdiocese of Louisville, Kentucky; Diocese of Manchester, New Hampshire; Mexico; Diocese of Nashville, Tennessee; New France; New World; Oblates of Saint Joseph; people in doubt; people who fight Communism; Peru; pioneers; protection of the Church; Diocese of San Jose, California; diocese of Sioux Falls, South Dakota; social justice; Styria, Austria; travelers; Turin Italy; Tyrol Austria; unborn children Universal Church; Vatican II; Vietnam; Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston West Virginia; wheelwrights; workers; working people.


Saturday, March 17
5pm James Louis Corte                   †

Sunday, March 18
9am Faye Roleder Black                 †                                                         
11:45 People of the Parish               

Monday, March 19
NO MASS                                          

Tuesday, March 20
9am Don Wissman                            †
Wednesday, March 21
6pm Gregory Mohr                          †      

Thursday, March 22
9am Sherri White †

Friday, March 23
9am People of the Parish                 †

Saturday, March 24
5pm Carma Eggers                            †

Sunday, March 25
9am Tim Cambias                              †
11:45 People of the Parish
Military Personnel
Tarah Thompson
Steve Piller
Nicholas Piller
Rod Piller
Barbara Koch
Deborah Stritt
Linda Chelena 
Harriet Thompson
Vicky Abbott
Sonya Stephenson     
Christopher Stephenson
Sean Scott
Stanley Sides
James Hause
Freeda Karwisch
Jeffery Crane
Guadalupe Patiño 
Carolyn Cates
Isabel Montiagudo
Jacob King
Larry Subacz Family
John Stathas
Amanda Parker
Walter Cochran
Andrea Vasquez
For those in critical need of daily prayers. Call 706-453-7292 x 4 or email with updates.
Note: Names will stay on the Prayer list for 6 weeks and then they will be removed . 
Stewardship Scripture Reflection
Fifth Week of Lent
“If anyone would serve me,” says Jesus in today’s Gospel, “let him follow me; where I am, there will my servant be.” In what way is Jesus inviting me to follow Him? What service is He asking of me?
Looking Ahead

17 th     CONFESSION 4:00 pm

18th CLOW

19th MASS & MISSION w/ Fr Moore
Lenten Spiritual Retreat 9:00am - 10:30am
6:00pm - 7:00pm (repeat of 9:00)
20th MASS & MISSION w/ Fr Moore
Lenten Spiritual Retreat 9:00am - 10:30am
6:00pm - 7:00pm (repeat of 9:00)
21st MASS & MISSION w/ Fr Moore
Lenten Spiritual Retreat 9:00am - 10:30am
6:00pm - 7:00pm (repeat of 9:00)
21st LIFE/EDGE NIGHT 6:30pm
22nd MASS & MISSION w/ Fr Moore
Lenten Spiritual Retreat 9:00am - 10:30am
6:00pm - 7:00pm (repeat of 9:00)
22nd Lenten Penance Service at 7:30pm (5 Priests)

24th   CONFESSION  4:00pm

25th   CLOW
Stewardship of Treasure
Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, 
is the true measure of our thanksgiving.

Offertory – At Masses & Online Giving (Week ending 3/4/18)   $ 13,362.
March second collections:
3/25/18—Holy Land 
Faith Formation
Next First Communion classes is:

March 21. New time is 6:30-8:00
Easter Basket Blessing