REGISTRATION DEADLINE FOR HOTEL IS FRIDAY OCTOBER 6, 2017 call 1-800-626-6040 and ask for Joanne - to make your room reservation now!
We have many speakers lined up for convention, classes for the Presidents, Treasurers and DReps as well as classes on Membership, Fundraising and Campaigning. We have invited the FL Cabinet candidates, the Governor and a Congressman to speak with you. In addition to all of that, we must review and approve an update to the FFRW bylaws as well as electing the Executive Committee that will take care of the day to day business of the FFRW, Members at Large that will serve on the Executive Committee and District Representatives, the link between the clubs and the Executive Committee.
This year we are inviting clubs, that would like to have a table to sell items, or promote a project, to purchase a table for $100 for the weekend. If you know of a group (not FFRW) that is interested in purchasing a table, please refer them to Deborah Tamargo . For table reservations, please send Dena DeCamp an email at
We have fun things planned as well, a field trip to Cape Kennedy on Saturday afternoon, a welcoming reception on Friday evening and on Saturday evening. A stuffed purse auction (clubs are asked to donate a purse, see flyer for details), as well as wine and s'mores on the deck by the beach on Saturday night after our banquet.
We've invited Brian Swenson to speak to you about the President's tax plan, Brian has been recruited by the White House to help with the grassroots roll out to support President Trump's tax plan.
Volunteers are needed! Contact Beth Young if you would like to volunteer or have a member that would like to volunteer. We are looking for Sergeant at Arms, Tellers, Registration, FFRW Store help, timekeeper and various other positions are available.
There will be lots of chances to talk with other clubs, talking with other Presidents and members is a great way to get new ideas.
I look forward to seeing you in Cocoa Beach!
Dena Stebbins DeCamp

All candidates for office and not on the official slate, other than the district representatives and the districts executive, should declare their intent to stand from the floor for office prior to start of convention, i n writing to the FFRW President, Dena DeCamp including a sentence that they will serve if elected.
Notice to the FFRW President may be given by email or regular mail to FFRW's address as listed at the end of every web page on the FFRW website.  
All candidates are encouraged to campaign Florida-wide by mail, email, or website person before the convention begins.
From the beginning of the convention all candidates for the officer positions and members-at-large (or their helpers), may distribute material in the convention hall, on the chairs or tables of the voting members, from 30 minutes to 5 minutes before the start of the convention meeting.
On the day of the relevant election, candidates and their helpers/supporters may distribute  campaign materials and wear campaign buttons outside the convention hall at any time.
On the day of the relevant election, all candidates (or their helpers) may distribute material in the convention/board meeting hall, on the chairs or tables of the voting members, from 30 minutes to 5 minutes before the start of the meeting.
On the day of the relevant election, campaign buttons and stickers may be worn at any time, inside and outside the convention hall until 30 minutes before the election meeting begins.
Elections of officers
(president, 3 vice presidents, secretary and treasurer):  
Candidates for office standing from the floor should have been members in good standing of a club in good standing for at least one year at the time of nomination. Candidates shall be nominated by an FFRW member and the nominating speech may take up to 2 minutes.   If there is more than one candidate for one office the candidates may speak up to three (3)  
minutes. Officers are elected by majority vote. If there are no nominations from the floor for officer positions, the complete slate may be elected by one voice vote.
Election of members-at-large
will be held at the Board meeting following the end of the convention. Candidates should be nominated by a member of the board. If there are more than three (3) candidates the candidates may speak up to three (3) minutes.  
Election of district representatives 
will be held during the FFRW convention meeting. The FFRW convention voting delegates will gather in district caucuses to elect their district representatives.   The caucuses will each choose a chair to conduct the meeting and election. If there is more than one candidate the candidates may speak for up to one (1) minute. Candidates may self-nominate or be nominated by any other member from their district. Plurality elects.
Election of the districts executive
will be held at the Board meeting following the end of the convention, from the ranks of the district representatives. Candidates should be nominated by a member from another club. Plurality elects. The winning candidate's district will have to find another district representative as she can only hold both positions.  
All elections will be by ballot, unless there is only one (1) candidate - or three (3) candidates for member-at-large - in which case a voice vote may be held.
All candidates should be members in good standing of FFRW according to the current FFRW Bylaws.
                 Preliminary Agenda
Friday 10/27

9:00-12:00  Executive Committee Meeting
Noon-5:00   FFRW Store/ Vendor area opens
11:00-1:00 Registration
1:00-2:00   Convention opens  - BOD Meeting
2:00-3:00   Break Out Classes: Presidents, Treasurers & D-Reps
3:00-4:00   Break Out Classes: Membership, Fundraising, Campaigning
4:00-5:00   BOD Meeting
6:00-7:00   Welcoming Reception
7:00-10:00  Dinner: Congressman Bill Posey, add'l Speakers

Saturday 10/28

8:00-9:00   Breakfast with speaker
9:00-Noon  BOD Meeting & nominations
Noon- 1:00  Lunch
2:00            Bus to Cape Kennedy
6:00-7:00    Reception
7:00-10:00   Dinner:  Guest Speaker
10:30          S'mores & Wine at the fire pits beachside

Sunday  10/29

8:00-9:00  Breakfast with speaker
9:00-Noon  Elections
Noon          Adjourn

Vendor Area Hours:
Friday  12 to 5 pm
Saturday 8:30 to 12:00
Sunday   8:30  to 12:00