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January/February 2018 
CORA Kids visiting Eagles Training Camp 
Tanya Steinberg and AnnMarie Schultz

Joe Yanchis and John Gaynor

Happy New Year!

I hope you all celebrated the start of 2018 in good spirits with family and friends. Looking ahead, there are many exciting opportunities on the horizon for CORA. I am anxious to continue furthering the action steps of the strategic plan constructed by our staff and board. But first, a quick look back.
In December, with your help, CORA supported
185 children through our annual Holiday Drive.
This is one of the largest groups we have helped at Christmas  and our staff was thrilled to be able to assist so many families! In 2017, CORA also welcomed three new leadership team members, John Gaynor, Director of Clinical Services, Joe Yanchis, Director of IT and Tanya Steinberg, Director of Finance. Our entire team, new and returning, are dedicated to the core values of the Sisters of Good Shepherd - the  belief that  individual worth, reconciliation, mercy, and zeal are guiding factors in our daily work. If you haven't already reviewed our community report, please  do so  to see all the great work the CORA Team has been accomplishing in the community.
This year is shaping up to be another banner year for CORA. I look forward to seeing you at Seussville on March 3rd! Our staff have a wonderful day planned with fun activities for families with young children. CORA will also be launching a comprehensive community needs assessment survey this spring to reassess the specific needs of the families we serve and how we can serve them going forward. I am anticipting sharing the results and using them to shape our future initiatives. For more information about what's to come for CORA in 2018, visit the website or reach out to someone on staff - we love hearing from you! 
Thanks very much for all you do to support CORA!
AnnMarie Schultz, CEO, CORA Services
Check out CORA's 2017 Community Report! 
  • Learn more about the Core Values of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd.
  • Read quotes from our staff.
  • Look for your name on CORA's Honor Roll of Donors.


Winter Stress Relief 
CORA's Clinical Services Division Offers Tips for Teens

Teenagers, like many adults, may experience increased stress during the winter. When the holidays are over and cabin fever has set in, everyone could benefit from learning some stress management skills. Most teens experience more stress when they perceive situations as difficult, dangerous or painful, and they lack the resources to cope. Sources of teen stress often include:
  • school/homework demands and frustration
  • negative thoughts and feelings about themselves or their appearances
  • changes in their bodies
  • problems with friends and/or peers at school 
It is not uncommon for teens to become overloaded with stress. Inadequately managed stress can lead to anxiety, withdrawal, aggression, physical illness, or poor coping skills such as drug and/or alcohol use. 

P arents can support their teens and help them manage stress by:
  • Monitoring if stress is affecting their health, behavior, thoughts, or feelings
  • Listening carefully to teens and keeping an eye out for overloading
  • Learning and modeling appropriate stress management skills
  • Supporting involvement in athletics and other pro-social activities      Read more here.
Warm Hands and Hearts this Winter
Help CORA Kids with the Give and Get Campaign  

Our staff working in schools often notice that a child is without a hat or a pair gloves. This winter, CORA is hosting a Give and Get Campaign to help meet the needs of our families and children. 
For a small gift of $30, you can receive or donate a CORA hat or gloves - either help us by wearing your gear to promote CORA or give yours to a CORA kid who could use it. 

Cyberbullying Conference
November 2017 

C ORA teens, from St. Matthew's Elementary School, Archbishop Ryan and Archbishop Wood High Schools, and Temple University, attended the Delaware County Intermediate Unit Conference on Bullying and Cyberbullying in Morton, PA. The students sat on a panel and presented their perspectives on new trends in social media, how they affect our youth, and ways counselors can support and protect teens. CORA counselors Mary Ann Donnelly and Eve Boyd, who run very successful Peer Helper Programs at St. Matthew and St. Christopher, also participated in this very informative and impactful event. CORA salutes these brave young women and their counselors for addressing this relevant topic. 

CORA celebrates National School Counselor Week   February 5 - 9, 2018

CORA has 32 counselors in 39 elementary schools and 11 high schools in the Philadelphia area. CORA has provided counseling services in Philadelphia schools since the 1970's  providing:
  • School consultation
  • Individual counseling and parent consultation
  • Group counseling (social skills, friendship, stress reduction, divorce/changing families, study skills, anger management, bereavement,)
  • Guidance (bullying prevention, peer relationships, self esteem, personal safety, cyberbullying/internet safety, drug and alcohol abuse prevention, stress management, community building, cultural diversity/tolerance, college/career planning)
Jessica MacKay, Archbishop Ryan HS Counselor

Dr. Phyllis Levin, Blessed Trinity Counselor
Upcoming Events 
Learn More Here! 

Catholic Schools Week Jan. 29-Feb. 2   

National School Counseling Week Feb. 5-Feb. 9


Save the Date! CORA's 10th Annual Golf Outing will be 
Monday, June 25, 2018 at Philmont Country Club

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