Children's Cove Rounds Up With Rite Aid!

Children's Cove Strengthens Partnership With Rite Aid by Allowing Consumers to Round Up for Charity! Children's Cove Will Receive $20,000 grant if 300 new participants sign up to round up on Cape Cod

We are excited to announce that Children's Cove and Rite-Aid have continued to partner and we have a unique opportunity for you to help us receive a $20,000 grant to help the 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys who are sexually assaulted.
Children's Cove continues to strengthen its partnership with Rite Aid and we are now an official KidCents charity! KidCents is a program created by The Rite Aid Foundation that allows Rite Aid customers to round up their purchases to the nearest dollar and donate their change to help support charities like Children's Cove.
This expanded partnership has Children's Cove poised to receive a $20,000 grant if we can help them designate 300 new participants in the rounding up program.
Here's how you can enroll in the KidCents program and round-up to help Children's Cove:
  • Visit 
  • You should see your account logged in on the left. If not, sign in with the account information.
  • Click 'Start rounding up today!' dial on the left
  • Click 'Select a Charity' on the left
  • Type Children's Cove and click 'Select This Charity'
By rounding up, you are helping Children's Cove reach our goals by simply signing up and you can also help in an
on-going manner by shopping at Rite Aid. Feel free to invite your friends and family to participate in the program. Imagine the change that your change can make!
We are looking forward to this unique partnership and are excited by the opportunities that KidCents brings to Children's Cove and the children and the non-offending family members we help. Thank you for your support!

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