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January 2017

Join the January 12 ONE WILPF Call, open to all members, and plan for
the WILPF US Solidarity Event; hear from members on sustaining activism
and the growing need to protect human rights; share in anti-fracking

Maine Branch member Jean Sanborn writes in her local paper about the urgency of protecting human rights and the work of peace.


Three WILPF members report on how women, communities, and peace activists in different parts of the US are responding to post-election concerns.


2017 - Time to rise up and build the "movement of movements" we've dreamed of and talked about. Join the January 12 ONE WILPF Call to continue planning the WILPF US Solidarity Event. When we stand together we WIN!


Many WILPF members in Monterey County, CA were actively involved in helping to pass a local ballot measure banning fracking and other damaging drilling-related practices in the county.


Participate in the January ONE WILPF Call and hear from Margaret Flowers of Popular Resistance; raise your voice by casting your vote for the April Solidarity Event; and toast the new year with "a cup of coffee."


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