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  Deductibles Reset Jan 1. and Group Support Recap
CPAP Talk Live Recap


Last night we had a lot of folks on the CPAPTalk-Live! call that featured the developer of this great new CPAP Sanitizer. The response was fantastic and a number of people ordered these units right after the call to take advantage of the discounted pricing and FREE shipping.

This little device cleans your mask, headgear, hose and water chamber in less than 10 minutes. It doesn't use any chemical solutions at all. Just Oxygen!

Since so many of you expressed interest in this great little device, we made arrangements to sell them at a discount and with free shipping. 

(If you have a heated hose, don't forget to include the adapter)

Regular price is $348.00 


We think you're really going to find the SoClean product so helpful and a great time saver.

These are NOT covered by Insurance.

Please let us know how you like them on the next CPAPTalk-Live! group support call next month on December 3rd at 7pm!

Resupply Schedule

A number of customers have been asking when is the best time to replace certain parts of their CPAP system. Based on manufacturers recommendations, Medicare guidelines, and our experience with thousands of CPAP users, the chart below shows the best time to replace these parts. You can find more info on our website by clicking on the chart.

If you click the chart and have any questions there is a LIVE CHAT feature available 9-5 M-F. Try it!

Order supplies before year-end!

Otherwise you might have to pay out of pocket on January 1.

Deductibles: Many health plans these days carry a high yearly deductible that renews each January 1.

As you use health services throughout the year, your deductible is typically lowest in November and December. If you have not been ordering replacement supplies for your CPAP; such as the hose, filters, and cushions for a while, now is the time you might want to get that order in! 
Start Planning Now
If you haven't ordered anything for over 2 months and may need something in January, Feb, or March, you should order what you might need now before your large deductible takes effect and your insurance benefit is difficult to use (i.e. pay for it yourself). 

Keep in mind- Ordering supplies can involve your sending compliance data, and NST getting a Prior Approval from your insurance company. Please allow sufficient time for all this to be completed. We work like the Dickens to get your orders shipped asap, but receiving data and approvals can take some time.
If you want to order supplies, click the button and we'll check your insurance benefits and get your order going. Just click this blue button below and we'll let you know if we need anything from you.
Yes, Order my Supplies Before Year End!

New Insurance Policy? The end of the year also marks the end for many insurance policies. 
If your insurance policy is changing January 1, 2015, you will probably have that new policy information very soon. As soon as you have that information, please send it to us. This will help us all avoid denied claims and unnecessary bills to you. 
As long as we have your updated information, we can keep things running smoothly and continue to help you best manage your supplies and expenses. Click the green button below to tell us about any insurance changes.
Thank you!!!


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