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CPAPTalk-Live is a free, monthly phone call for CPAP users who have questions, or want to share their best tips for success. It's like a monthly group support meeting, but done entirely by phone. 

Call 1.800.204.6655
access code 342-2187#

Happy New Year to all! Let's bring in the new year with a special invitation to New CPAP users. If you're new to CPAP and have questions, or you're an experienced user and would like to share your best tips, or words of encouragement to help others, please join our monthly phone call where CPAP users and experts meet and help everyone improve their CPAP experience.

Learn about:
  • Preventing condensation
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  • When to call your doctor
  • Which masks allow you to read in bed
  • Why you might not be sleeping better,
  • and other common issues...
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CPAPTalk-Live is free and easy. All you need to do is call the number below on Wednesday Jan 7, at 7pm. Enter the access code and you're immediately part of the group call. You can just listen and learn, or share your questions and experiences from the comfort of home.

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Every month we all learn something new that helps us with CPAP. We learn how to avoid water in the hose at night. How often to clean and replace equipment. How to combat dry mouth, and many other common CPAP issues.

Join us! Each month we have new people on the call- it's like a gathering of friends. Try it and see.


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SLEEPMAPPER.COM- Many folks keep 
CPAP Machine
asking about this function for Respironics machines so we've repeated it again here. is used with Respironics machines and lets you upload your SD card data. Once uploaded, you can see your nightly sleep data, and it sends the data to NST and your doctor!  

Please keep using your device as
 instructed by your doctor and help us get your sleep data to make sure your insurance plan pays for your device and supplies. You can sign-up for sleep mapper by giving us your name and we'll do it for you!

Sleepmapper let's you upload your data for us and your doctor to use during troubleshooting or office visits. Plus, you can monitor your own data on your computer or mobile device. 

If you're a National Sleep Therapy customer, call us to make sure we have your email address entered into the system.

Have a Resmed Device?

For the S9 devices click here for
more information about seeing your sleep
data online.The features of this system do not allow you to upload data as the Respironics and Resmed S10 allow.

For the S10 (Airsense) unit- clickhere for more information about this highly integrated CPAP and data solution


If you missed last month's call...

People from 11 different states called-in from North Carolina, to Maine, Illinois!

iPhone Sleep Apps-Reviewed
(by Eric Cohen)
We tested these two sleep-related apps. What did we learn?

First, I'll talk about the app "Sleep Cycle". Sleep 
cycle is a nicely designed and very easy to use iPhone app and if you're used to having any iPhone apps this one will be a breeze to figure out how to use. The app is very clever in that you turn on at night when you're about to go to bed, you tuck it under your fitted sheet in the corner of the bed next to your pillow. You put it face down and go to sleep. During the night it measures your body movement and can tell what stages of sleep you are in. 

I think the interesting use for this app is if you are having trouble sleeping or falling asleep it may clearly identify when you're having trouble and that might help you lead to solutions. I'll be posting my four nights of sleep on National Sleep Therapy Facebook page. I believe this app was either free or $.99 and seemed inexpensive enough to try. I'll continue to use it for the next month and report back in our January phone call. I challenge others to do the same. Perhaps we can have a sleep cycle contest see who gets the most deep sleep!

Next, I used an app called "Relax and Sleep Well". 
It's basically an English fellow named Glenn Harrold who has a nice voice nearly hypnotizing you to fall sleep. According to his own website... Glenn is one of the world's best-selling hypnotherapists. By nature, I was skeptical. 

Mind you I've only use this app a few times, and this app came recommended by one of my colleagues who uses it often and with great success. I did my very best to remain open to the thought of being 'hypnotized' to fall asleep. I listened to his voice telling me to think of a quiet place, to hear the waves crashing, to let the day go, but all I could think of was this little sound coming from my iPhone from under my pillow. 

A few minutes later, I realized I briefly fallen asleep while this little man inside my phone was talking. Eventually I did fall asleep while he was still talking, and after briefly waking up again I waited and listened- and he was done talking. I then fell sleep for good. I wasn't sure if this app really worked, I fell asleep before it ended...

Please be aware that email communication can be intercepted in transmission or misdirected. Your use of email to communicate protected health information (PHI) to us indicates that you acknowledge and accept the possible risks associated with such communication. Please consider communicating any sensitive information by telephone, fax or mail.