Looking to plan your 2018 PD?

For the first time ever, CPHR Alberta is offering a full-year Professional Development calendar. Your feedback has driven this increase in our PD offerings, and we've aligned these topics to requests in last spring's PD survey.

How is our Professional Development Program different from other CPHR Alberta events? Our PD events are almost all full-day learning opportunities. These seminars offer an opportunity to drill down into each topic in a way that the shorter Speaker Sessions can't. Our goal is for the Professional Development Program to deliver the tools you need to help your HR team, and give your career an edge.

Live outside Edmonton or Calgary? We're currently working to deliver better PD in your area as well. In addition to potential in-person sessions in other CPHR Alberta Chapters, we're putting the finishing touches on live-streaming sessions that you can access online anywhere.

We wouldn't have gotten this far without dedicated volunteers. Thanks to the CPHR Members involved in our Professional Development Committee for all your contributions.

If you have any feedback, suggestions or questions please feel free to contact me directly.

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2018 CPHR Alberta
Professional Development Program
Board Training -
Effectively Supporting your Human Resources Committee
* 6 CPD Hours * Is your organization ready for say-on-pay? What are the areas of executive compensation where companies are receiving pressure from shareholders? Enhance your abilities to develop and administer effective compensation programs for your organization, and better understand how to effectively support the Compensation/Human Resources Committee in their oversight. You will...

HR Law Conference
* 8 CPD Hours * HR Law moved fast in 2017 – did you keep up? A lot has changed, between updates to the Employment Standards Code and the pending legalization of marijuana, we need a strong understanding of these changes. CPHR Alberta is helping HR professionals to be prepared to act, and ready to implement new policies that comply with HR law and best practices...

Change Management for the HR Professional
* 7.5 CPD Hours * Change is inevitable and constant – so how does your organization plan for change? As HR leaders it is our responsibility to navigate our teams through change, but sometimes it’s difficult to get buy-in from all stakeholders if our plan is not what they expect. To successfully execute change, we, as HR leaders must use the support of positive psychology and well-being theory to implement change initiatives...

Building Organizational Capacity through Effective Mentorship
* 7.5 CPD Hours * Mentoring is a low-cost tool for building employee engagement and productivity. It aids in employee attraction, onboarding and retention. We know that best-in-class organizations embrace mentoring as an important part of their culture and many organizations today are working to develop formal mentoring programs to maximize both individual and organizational learning. So how do you start?

How to Influence Others – Leading Without Power
* 7.5 CPD Hours * Power, influence, and politics. Is 2018 the year you improve your ability to use these, and better succeed as an HR leader? Your HR department operates more effectively when your organization understands the role you play in the businesses’ success. In this one-day workshop, you will learn how to navigate power and influence and how to make positive change in your organization through relationships with...

Key Contributor Compensation
* 3.5 CPD Hours * Can you reward key contributors with a compensation strategy that doesn’t demotivate your other talent groups? Pay for performance can increase employee engagement and retention – and drive increased profitability for your organization. Missteps can frustrate your larger foundation of strong, steady employees....

Finance for the HR Professional
* 7.5 CPD Hours * You’re an HR professional, but are you fluent in your company’s financial language? Tying bottom-line benefits to HR’s “soft projects” offers a better path to full support from the leadership team. Ignoring – or misusing – the right terms can be a true risk to the successful rollout of your HR strategies....

HR as a Strategic Business Partner
* 7.5 CPD hours * For two decades, leaders in management thinking have declared HR to have a key role in shaping world-class, sustainable enterprises. However, our voices still aren’t always heard. How do Human Resources professionals position themselves as strategic partners, fully engaged in the business of delighting customers, driving innovation and increasing shareholder value?

Effective Corporate Governance
* 7.5 CPD Hours * Buy-in for HR strategies doesn’t necessarily end with your leadership team. Shareholder activism, succession planning and strategic guidance from a Board of Directors can reach deep into HR’s role in an organization. Are you prepared to work with your Board?

Building the Organization of the Future
* 3.5 CPD Hours * Organizations face a radically shifting context for the workforce, the workplace, and the world of work. Almost 90% of those surveyed for the 2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report believe that building the organization of the future is an important or very important issue, but only 11 percent think they understand how to do this. We need to prepare for a new way of working.

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