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February 2016

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Featuring probation and corrections news in California. 
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DA Chief of Investigation to Lead Probation Department
San Diego Union Tribune, David Hernandez, February 2016

San Diego - The district attorney's Bureau of Investigation chief, Adolfo Gonzales, will become the county's next chief probation officer beginning next month, officials announced Monday.

At the helm of the Probation Department, Gonzales will manage approximately 1,250 employees, who work with 11,400 adult and 2,000 juvenile offenders. He will replace outgoing Chief Probation Officer Mack Jenkins. Read More.  
Measure Z Funds Help Staff Humboldt County Probation Department
NorthCoast News, Jeremy Chen, February 2016

EUREKA, Calif. - The Humboldt County Probation Department is adding more staff after receiving funds from Measure Z to help alleviate the high case load the department has.
The department will receive $600,000, which will help pay for the addition of six probation officers.

Bill Damiano, chief probation officer for the department, said by adding more staff, the amount of cases each probation officer takes on will go down. Without a heavy case load, the officers could take on a more active role with offenders. Read More.
California Prison Reform Didn't Cause Crime Increase, Study Finds
89.3KPCC, Rina Palta, February 2016

A large-scale study by researchers from major California universities found the state's prison downsizing efforts have had little to no impact on the crime rate, despite anecdotal complaints from some law enforcement leaders.

The findings take up an entire issue of the The Annals of the American Academy of Political & Social Science, which publishes Friday.  Read More.
Want to Reinvent Probation?  Do it Right.  Today, Probation is the Linchpin of the Criminal Justice System, The Los Angeles Times, February 2016

LOS ANGELES - Probation was a concept dreamed up in the mid-1800s by a Boston boot maker who saw the folly of throwing children into jail for petty crimes.

If he could give them a better chance outside of jail and show them the way toward a successful adulthood, he figured, then everyone - the kids, their families, their neighborhoods, the taxpayers, the overcrowded jails - would be better off. And if it worked for children, wouldn't it work for adults too? Read More.
Inmates Offer Advice to Young Offenders
The Reporter, Jessica Rogness, February 2016

Read more here:
Gov. Jerry Brown Proposes Initiative to Release More Inmates
NorthCoast News, Cymphanie Sherman, February 2016

HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. - Governor Jerry Brown recently announced his support for the Public Safety and Rehabilitation Act of 2016. The initiative is intended to reduce wasteful spending at state prisons, which includes reducing the population sizes within them.

This is only one of many initiatives that have been pushed through to help reduce the population size at California state prisons; Assembly Bill 109 and Proposition 47 are two others. However, county officials said that the results from those two initiatives have begun to fade.
Read More.

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