Winter 2017

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Sarah Hamersma: Wearing Out Your Welcome: Examining Differential Medicaid Eligibility of New Entrants and Continuing Recipients
Public assistance programs regularly generate concern for their potential to negatively affect work incentives, particularly when participation in the program is substantial. For instance, there is a growing concern about Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and what effect changing Medicaid eligibility thresholds have on Medicaid participation and employment behaviors.

CPR researcher, Sarah Hamersma and her colleague, Burcin Unel analyze the consequences of variation in eligibility thresholds over time for potential Medicaid recipients in a recently published study in Contemporary Economic Policy.
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Kathy Michelmore: Pathways to a Stable Union? Pregnancy and Childbearing Among Cohabiting and Married Couples
In recent years there has been a generous amount of scholarship dedicated to understanding factors associated with the dissolution or termination of relationships among cohabiting and married couples. Many have found a significant link between couples that decide to cohabit, and their subsequent marriage and dissolution patterns. However, few studies have considered whether these unions (either cohabiting or married) began as a result of a pregnancy.

In their recently published article in Population Research and Policy Review, CPR researcher Katherine Michelmore and her colleagues use survey data from the U.S. National Survey of Family Growth (NSFG) to answer the question "do cohabiting unions and marriages last if co-residence begins as the result of a pregnancy?" Read more  
Rebecca Schewe: Why Don't They Just Change? Contract Farming, Informational Influence, and Barriers to Agricultural Climate Change Mitigation
It is commonly thought that knowing the causes of climate change may reduce individual behaviors that contribute to its existence. However, recent research shows that, within the U.S. farming industry this conventional wisdom may not be the key to preventing such behaviors.

In a recently published article in the journal of Rural Sociology, CPR researcher Rebecca Schewe and her colleague, Diana Stuart ask the question, "why don't farmers just do what we tell them to do?" Using a mixed-methods study, they gather information from corn farmers in southwest Michigan to explore the various social and structural barriers that encourage the excessive usage of nitrogen fertilizer in corn production. Read more 
Amy Ellen Schwartz & Michah Rothbart: Do Top Dogs Rule in Middle School? Evidence on Bullying, Safety, and Belonging
For many Americans the middle school years can be incredibly difficult and awkward. Like most things in life, however, middle school is temporary. As students begin to progress through grade levels, their experiences at school may become better over time. This is called the top dog/bottom dog (TDBD) phenomenon, which suggests that older middle school students experience a more preferable school environment than their younger peers (bottom dogs).

CPR researchers Amy Ellen Schwartz and Michah W. Rothbart, alongside New York University's Leanna Stiefel, find evidence of this phenomenon in an article recently published in the American Educational Research Journal. Read more 
Faculty in the Media
Education Week
Amy Ellen Schwartz (PAIA/Economics) was quoted in Education Week for the article "Shorter School Grade Spans Linked to Bullying." Read more 
Deseret News
Leonard Lopoo (PAIA) was interviewed by the Deseret News for their story "Survey: Americans Want Paid Family Leave, and They Support Social Programs for Families." Read more  
Nature Index
David Popp (PAIA) was quoted in the Nature Index article, "Measuring the Impact of R&D Spending." Read more 
The Daily Orange
Alfonso Flores-Lagunes (Economics) discusses his analysis of the new overtime pay rule at Syracuse University. Read more 
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