ACTION NEEDED - House File No. 188 Proposes to ALLOW Smoking in Public Places

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Finally, legislation to say "Yes" to...
House File No. 188, - Providing an exemption from smoking prohibition in public places

Cigar enthusiasts in the State of Minnesota have a piece of legislation that they can support. H.F. No. 188 has been introduced that would provide for new exemptions to the Minnesota Indoor Clean Air Act, allowing smoking in bars and restaurants that meet certain restrictions.

Representatives Tom Hackbarth, Larry Howes, Tom Rukavina, Bruce Anderson and Mark Buesgens have co-authored the bill, that would allow smoking in restaurants that have attached bars and meet necessary separation from dining areas; that have a required level of ventilation; and bars that have alcoholic beverage sales of at least 40% to 80% of total gross revenue, would have between 2012 and 2017 to upgrade HVAC ventilation systems.

This is a step in the right direction. The bill is currently in the House Health and Human Services Reform Committee. We hope you let committee members know of your support, in addition to a word of thanks to the five members of the Minnesota House that had the courage and leadership to sponsor this progressive piece of legislation.


1. Contact the members of the House Health and Human Services Reform Committee. Tell them to say YES to H.F. No. 188.

    - House Health and Human Services Reform Committee

2. Sign the CRA Petition.

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