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I have been meditating morning and night lately, adding the additional meditation at night only a week ago. I awoke this morning hearing in my head, "The Law of Correspondence!" Since I began channeling after my trip to Bali 2 and a half years ago, I began hearing guidance in my head when I asked a question and even when I didn't. Through that guidance we sold everything we owned including my landscaping business, moved to Boulder, Colorado, and subsequently moved to California. Guidance is never wrong and is always rewarded. 

There are several reasons we are now in California, the most important is that my daughter Ariel is in a school where she is thriving. Working one-on-one with her teachers, she just entered her senior year this week ahead of schedule and is getting A's and B's instead of failing. The energy of California supports us both and my work is thriving. Instead of feeling like a little fish in a big pond in Boulder, I feel like a BIG FISH - even though this pond is physically so much larger. Go figure! The Universe knows best and orchestrates our life more beautifully when we listen rather than trying to "figure" things out in our heads. 

Whenever I have attempted to use my own energy to move mountains, I always fail. Pushing against the Divine does not support us and causes us untold grief and strife.

I have noticed in my daily life how the law of correspondence plays out. Everyone has heard the Hermetic phrase of the law, "As above so below." Great, you say, but what the heck does that mean? If you feel crappy about yourself, your world around you will be crappy. If you treat others rudely or with anger, others will treat you rudely or with anger. I see the lightbulbs bursting into flame around your heads! Wonderful! 

The other component of this law is, that you and only you are to blame (or get the credit) for your world. If you feel badly about yourself, bad things will continue to happen TO YOU!. You are the one that has created your personal Universe or as I affectionately call it your own PU. So if it stinks, its your fault. We are all instant creators. Whatever you think of you, whatever you feel about yourself is reflected back to you in your life. If you think your kids are stupid and disrespectful, they will think the same of you. If you treat your friends like shit, they will do the same to you. If you avoid having sex with your husband, he will avoid giving affection and love back to you. It is as simple as that. It's the old, What goes around, comes around.

I noticed this evidence while feeding my dog this morning. Karma our beloved four-legged growled at Lydia when she attempted to eat Karma's food. I told Karma, "It serves you right, because you eat the cat's food!" As within so without, as without so within. If you look, you will find evidence of this law everywhere. 

How you treat others will be returned to you. As you believe and think, about yourself will be reflected in your outside world. If you don't love yourself enough to have created a beautiful reflective world, isn't it time you hired me to walk you through the door to Self Love and Acceptance? I have done it. I know how to get you there and I have a plan that is concrete and has worked for others. Live the life you deserve to live and stop the crap and the suffering. Learning and growing is a given, as my dear friend and Spiritual teacher, Vasestha Ishaya says, "Suffering is optional!"

The Seven hermetic Principles, upon which the entire hermetic Philosophy is based, are as follows: 

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My website is getting a face-lift this month. It may be down for a week while this work is being done. I am as always available for private sessions during this time.
We have had a multitude of ghostly visitors here in California. Check out my new blog where I talk about our daily visitors here:In case you missed it: Spirit Messages

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