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"Be A Master Of Change Rather Than a Victim Of Change"
- Brian Tracy
Upcoming Events:

Next Steering Committee Meeting

Thursday, August 2nd from 8:30-2:30 PM

Clovis Community College, Herndon Campus  
390 W. Fir Avenue, Building B, Room 308, Clovis, CA 93611

To View The Steering Committee Meeting Agenda:

CRC K-12 Education Selection Committee Framework
And Structure Discussion

Thursday, August 2nd from 7:15-8:15 AM
To View The ESC Discussion Agenda:

Please join us in person at the Herndon Campus@
Clovis Community College,
390 W. Fir Avenue, Building B, Room 308, Clovis
Or via Zoom :
Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Fall 2018 Professional Training
For Case Management in Education

Thursday, September 13th & Thursday, November 8th 2018

A Comprehensive, Hybrid Training
The goal of this training is for participants to explore tools, develop techniques, and learn strategies for serving a unique and diverse population of students! Developed and presented by an educator and former case management professional in the California Community College system, this hybrid training will prepare professionals to begin new case management roles or apply a case management approach to an
existing student support role.

For more information, please email
Loren Kelly

4th Annual Counselor Conference:
Direct Link To Flyer:
Room block for Counselor Conference held until August 31, 2018

Best Western  (conveniently located, walking distance to Veterans Memorial) at
415 Clovis Avenue Clovis, CA 93612
Hotel Direct: (559) 299-1547
We have 25 rooms blocked under “Counselor Conference, Central Valley Mother Lode Region”
King: $132 + tax, Double: $138 + tax
California Workforce Association

September 4 – 6, 2018 in Monterey , CA at the Monterey Marriott Hotel

The Workforce Leadership Conference and Pre-Conference sessions include,
Daily Plenaries, 60 – Breakout Sessions, Exhibitors, Networking Events & MORE!
Brought to you by the California Workforce Association.
Register Now!
To qualify for early bird registration rates.
Early-Bird Member & Non-Member rates end Friday, July 20, 2018.

Region-wide Project Updates:
Jobspeaker: Career Services Platform
Many of the colleges are continuing to make progress in the on-boarding process with Jobspeaker .
This is a region wide project and is available to all 14 colleges in the region.
If you have any questions, please contact April Farkas at 559-324-6444
California Trade Analysis Tool Summary
To learn how this can be used at your college and in your classes,
contact Jeanette Benson at:

merced@elite.net or (209) 384-5892.
Statewide Collaborative for Special Populations
Statewide Collaborative for Special Populations Project Manager:
Alyssa Bahr Casillas
(abcasillas@globallearningintl.org and www.cccspecialpopulations.org)
Project Purpose:
The California Community College Special Populations Collaborative
Project's goal is to improve access and performance in Career and Technical Education for students from special populations. Special population students are defined in the federal Perkins Career and Technical Education Act as "individuals with disabilities; individuals from economically disadvantaged families, including foster children; single parents, including single pregnant women; displaced homemakers; individuals with limited English proficiency; and individuals preparing for nontraditional fields." A nontraditional field is one in which fewer than 25% of the workers in that field are of the student's gender. For special population students to succeed in an age of increasing competition for employment, proactive student support services are essential.

The website highlights equity literacy principles, the 10 commitments for equity-literate educators, equity resources, and equity websites.

For more information on the Statewide Collaborative:
$164M for K12 Strong Work Force Program
At roughly the two-year mark of SWP implementation, the CRC region and those throughout the state are making a difference! We are moving the metrics and our students are benefiting from more and better career education. So much so, that the state policy makers have taken notice and Gov. Brown signed the 2018-19 budget on June 27, 2018 providing an additional funding stream that will be shepherded by the Strong Workforce regional consortia known as the K-12 Strong Workforce Program.

Please refer to the $164 million K12 Strong Workforce Program
and Funding Overview slide deck- Click Here
It is a great overview of the legislative mandate and what’s ahead for our region.
Fall 2018 Conference Registration is OPEN
Career Education: Leading Change
Top 5 Reasons To Attend:

#1 Your students are counting on you.
Invest in your students and schools by attending CCCAOE 2018 Fall Conference. Get information, share insights, find solutions and ways to increase recruitment and retention rates.

#2 You can't afford not to attend. 
This is the only leadership development opportunity that offers the leadership and faculty perspective. Partner directly with leaders in the education arena and collaborate with your peers to tackle the issues you face in your own district or regions.

#3 Get the skinny on future education trends and issues. 
Whether it's issues related to budget and finance; innovation and student learning; leadership; equity adequacy, and opportunity; community engagement, communication or collaboration, this premier event focuses on key areas to guide teams through tough fiscal times.
#4 Practical solutions to education challenges. 
We deliver practical solutions to help Career Education teams improve education and economic development opportunities.

#5 Partner with education experts. 
Spend time with our business partners on our fast-growing Vendor Show floor and find out how they can help you effectively manage and lead your districts with the various product and service solutions they offer.
October 10-12, 2018
Omni Rancho Las Palmas
41000 Bob Hope Drive
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270

Pre-Conference Workshop Dates:

Oct 9th - 9:00 am to 4:00 pm |
Oct 10th - 8:00 am to 12:00 pm (two days)
Oct 9th - 8:00 am to 12:00 pm | Oct 10th - 8:00 am to 12:00 pm (two days)
Oct 10th - 8:00 am to 12:00 pm
Oct 10th - 8:00 am to 12:00 pm
CRC 2018 Annual Planning Conference Highlights
Image above is courtesy of Don Borgse, 2nd place Pennant Winner
Image above was a tie for 2nd place
To View The Full
Write Up On The 2018 CRC
4th Annual Planning Meeting:
Image Below is From Our Pennant Winner: Stephanie Baltazar
Full Capacity Marketing has been selected
to lead Regional CTE Re-branding and Marketing efforts for the CRC!

In May, an RFP for Professional Services for Regional Marketing was released to over 450 points of contact through the region and state with a June 11th deadline for submissions. Four vendor proposals were received and evaluated by the
CRC Ad-Hoc Marketing Committee. A rubric was used to evaluate the proposals based upon five vendor competencies: marketing strategy and creative development experience, campaign creative concepts, video and social media strategies, cost, and credibility and accuracy of proposal. Reviewers completed a scoring rubric for each of the vendors; an average score and ranking was then calculated from the raw scores. Based on the preliminary scoring rubric, the top three vendors were invited to make presentation and be interviewed by committee on Monday, June 25th. The committee used an additional rubric for the presentations based on their ability to address the following: example(s) of how your firm approaches a comprehensive campaign; how do you brand and connect with the diverse target audiences (students, employers, parents, counselors; socioeconomic and ethnic diversity); plan for intern integration; program management and communication styles; plan for developing and sustaining institutional capacity building; and; preferred content management web platform. Answers to clarifying questions and overall impressions were also evaluated. 
After lengthy discussion, although it generally agreed upon that all three vendors could do the job, the committee reviewed the vendor rankings and weighed the strengths and weaknesses of the vendors. It was unanimously decided by the committee to select Full Capacity Marketing based upon the following that edged them in front of the others: extensive experience with CA community colleges; experience and awareness of how to target the workforce; awareness and experience with targeting counselors and parents as secondary markets; social media campaign; ability to assimilate quickly and execute project within the time frame; experience in working with interns; familiarity with the CA Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office; satisfactory execution of current CRC contract work; and extensive training experience and toolbox development.
Work Based Learning Pilot (WBL)- Foundation CCC
“In the context of career pathways, work-based learning plays a central role in bridging the classroom and the world of work, leading to improved educational and employment outcomes for participants.”

News From The Chancellors Office
Recent Press Releases:
Career Education 2018
"Strong Workforce Stars"  

“California Community Colleges Strong Workforce Stars is an annual recognition and celebration for career education programs whose students show significant gains in factors important for advancing social mobility- a substantial increase in earning, attainment of living wage and job closely matched with their field of study”

To View The SW Stars Regional Summaries- Click Here

Summary Of "Strong Workforce Stars" S lideshow- Click Here

California Community Colleges Chancellor Eloy Ortiz Oakley
Praises the University of California On Their Record Number of Transfer Admissions

"University of California announced it has offered admission to nearly 137,000 students, including the transfer applicants, to at least one of the system’s nine undergraduate campuses this fall"

Guided Pathways Regional Coordinator Positions
Employment Opportunity
  From the Desk of   Laura Hope, Executive Vice Chancellor of
Education Services and Support

Guided Pathways is an integration framework driving to optimize system
and college cohesion in order to advance the Vision for Success and visibly transform the student experience. The Chancellor’s Office will identify Regional Coordinators in two ways. It will either award grant funds to Chabot-Las Positas Community College District to enter consulting contracts for Regional Coordinators, or it will enter Inter-jurisdictional exchange agreements (IJEs) with an employing community college district for the services of a Regional Coordinator. These Regional Coordinators will assist colleges with the development of innovative strategies to support local Guided Pathways efforts. In addition, in collaboration with Chancellor’s Office staff, Regional Coordinators will facilitate partnering within the geographic region and across the entire state system in order to ensure the deeper penetration of best practices and the widespread sharing of field expertise.

Please send submissions and any questions about
the Guided Pathways Regional Coordinator positions to:
Request For Interest:
Paid Internship Opportunities
CRC Steering Committee and CRC Colleges

As part of our CRC CTE rebranding campaign, Full Capacity Marketing will be hiring 9 interns to support the project.
(3 from each of the areas noted in the attached flyer)
Click Here For Link To Flyer

We are asking that you add the appropriate contact information on page #2 and then share this with the appropriate deans and faculty who will in turn vet students for the internship opportunities.

Once vetted, you may share the link below with the student so that they can submit an online application by 8/6/18.

We realize this is a tight turnaround time, however, we need to produce 56 videos for our upcoming campaign launch in early November/December, and the interns are an integral part of the video production.

Student Application Link:

Any questions, please let us know. 
Manufacturing Day
From SWSN: Gurminder Sangha
Check out this link:
to explore one of the best career exploration for students to expose themselves to careers in manufacturing and engage employers.
The mfgday website will help you plan the Manufacturing Day.
To support your efforts I can commit to sponsoring your manufacturing events at a $1,000/college.
Note: As a part of my grant requirement, I am required to collect student and employer data. If needed, I can create Eventbrite registrations to assist you with data collection process.

Thank you,
Gurminder Sangha,
“Mr .G”
Building Strong Workforce for California!
Statewide Sector Navigator -Advanced Manufacturing
(559) 688-3047, gurminders@cos.edu , 4999 East Bardsley, Bldg A, Room A107B, Tulare, CA-93274
Proudly hosted by: College of the Sequoias
Faculty News
A Message From Doctor Grant Goold:

Dear CTE Faculty,
 I hope you are enjoying a wonderful summer season! I wanted to send you all a quick note regarding a few items coming up this fall.
First, the California Community College Association for Occupational Education (CCCAOE) will be holding their Fall 2018 Conference in Rancho Mirage, CA on October 10-12 th , 2018. This conference is an excellent opportunity to gather and build stronger relationships between CTE faculty and many CTE stakeholders.
 This years Spring (2018) conference had over 125 CTE faculty in attendance.
I encourage you to begin conversations with your Dean, Workforce Development Administrators, and Academic Senate representatives, to find local or regional funding, to attend this first-class professional development opportunity. 

You can find more information about the conference by visiting:
Second, I am working with the CCCAOE Executive Director to once again offer registration scholarships, for a limited number of CTE faculty. 
If you are interested in consideration for a scholarship please email me at ggoold@cccco.edu.
Furter information regarding the scholarship will be provided in the coming weeks!
Third, the Strong Workforce Division is looking for opportunities to visit several campuses during the Fall semester to listen to the needs, concerns, and ideas from CTE Faculty.  If you would be willing to host a half-day listening session at your campus, please send me your contact information and perhaps a few dates and times that work for your campus CTE faculty. 

You can send that information to:
Finally, I want to remind each of you of our new CTE faculty website. This website is designed to provide our Community College CTE faculty with a single point of reference, to stay informed on a wide variety of CTE topics.
 Please help us build on the site with content and contacts. 

You can find the webpage at:

Thank you,
Dr. Grant Goold
California Community College Chancellors Office
Workforce and Economic Development 
Visiting Faculty
Regional News
All Girl STEM Summer Camp
"Upwards of 100 girls who're currently enrolled at Stockton Unified School District are taking part in the Verizon Innovative Learning summer program, at San Joaquin Delta College; with the goal of introducing more girls to science, technology, engineering and math skills"

Link To Full Article Below:
Columbia College Newsletter
June 2018
SCAEC Newsletter
June 2018
The State Center Adult Education Consortium consists of adult schools, community colleges, and other local partners that provide basic education and short-term career technical education training for adults 18 years and older in order to assist with seamless transitions into the workforce and/or post-secondary education.
Central Regional Consortium Teacher Preparation Pipeline Mixer
Central Regional Consortium Teacher Preparation Pipeline (TPP) Mixer was held on Tuesday, July 10, 2018 at West Hills College Lemoore (WHCL). WHCL is the regional lead for the Education Futures Project and will provide support to colleges with a focus on aligning systems, developing infrastructure, and disseminating resources to grow their own TPPs and increase the number of diverse students entering the education field. WHCL will conduct monthly regional communities of practice around five strategic components – student outreach and engagement, cross system alignment and curriculum development, career exploration and work based learning, student services and retention, and data monitoring and system infrastructure - to address the high priority student populations for our region.

  Contact g isellesimon@whccd.edu to learn more about the Education Futures.


"In California, A Record Number Of Students Transfer"

"Career Education 2018 “Strong Workforce Stars” Programs Named as Enhanced Salary Surfer Website is Released to Help Students Make Decisions about College and Career"

"Four High Education Trends To Watch"
California Economic Summit #CAECONOMYCONNECTION
Central Mother Lode Regional Consortium
Contact Information:
April Farkas