May 2016

Summer is around the corner and Alice Cooper's School's Out is cued on our playlist. For many of you this means a long-deserved break, a chance to catch up on summer reading, or cramming in professional development. Whatever you have planned, CSTP has things for you to consider! In this newsletter you can check out summer opportunities with CSTP, OSPI and WEA. We also want you to share your summer reading recommendations for our future newsletter. For fans of our TPEP Best Practices Colloquium, be sure to save the 2016-17 dates and consider applying to present. 

As always, be sure to  and encourage them to sign-up for our emails to stay on top of events and opportunities.
Register for #CampCSTP Summer Learning Sessions by June 10!

CampCSTPIt's never too soon to start making your summer time plans and we hope your plans include #CampCSTP! This week-long teacher leadership professional learning opportunity will take place July 18-22, 2016, at the Rainbow Lodge in North Bend. Three sessions will be offered during the week and teachers can pick and choose individual sessions, or attend all three sessions.
Please Note: Session I and Session II are open-registration. Session III will be invite-only to prospective candidates that apply and submit a writing sample. Space is very limited  in all three sessions and you are encouraged to submit your application as soon as possible.
Session I: A Deeper Dive into Teacher Leadership
July 18-19, 2016
Cost: $150 (Sign-up for Session I and Session II and save $25)
Includes: Overnight lodging at Rainbow Lodge,  lunch and dinner on July 18, breakfast and lunch on July 19, and all session materials.
Description: Explore CSTP's Teacher Leadership Framework - the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to be an effective teacher leader. Spend time crafting what your teacher leadership journey might be as you emerge with a strong foundation in teacher leadership.
Session II: Advocacy and Messaging:
July 19-20, 2016
Cost: $150 (Sign-up for Session I and Session II and save $25)
Includes: Overnight lodging at Rainbow Lodge,  lunch and dinner on July 19, breakfast and lunch on July 20, and materials and supplies.
Description:  Understanding how to effectively advocate on education issues you care about is a critical skill for a teacher leader. Develop skills to craft your message that you can adapt to a variety of audiences, whether it is in your own hallway at school or in the halls of Olympia. This deeper dive into advocacy provides you with two days of planning, refining and practicing your message using CSTP tools and feedback from critical friends.
Session III: Writers' Retreat:
July 20-22, 2016
Cost: Free
Includes: 2 nights at Rainbow Lodge, lunch and dinner on July 20, all meals on July 21; breakfast and lunch on July 22, and materials and supplies.
Description: Develop your writing skills and writing style to elevate your voice and write about your teacher leadership journey. This multi-day writing retreat will give you the gift of dedicated time to write and expert feedback to hone your writing. Writings from this session will be published in a CSTP booklet. Teachers will need to complete and submit an application for a chance to be selected. Session III costs will be covered by the NT3 Grant for selected participants.
Application: Perspective attendees must apply to attend this session and submit a writing sample. Applicants will be notified after May 15 of their acceptance.
Sign-up Now for Edcamp Leadership on July 11

When: July 11, 2016 8:00-4:00
Where: Renton, WA
Who: Teachers, Principals, Education Leaders 
Cost: Free
More Information and Register:

What is EdCamp?
What is EdCamp?

CSTP is excited to co-sponsor the Washington Camp Leadership in Renton Washington on July 11. Camp Leadership is an unconference for education leaders. This annual unconference is for school and community leaders in public and private settings. On July 11, multiple sites in all 50 states and several Latin American countries will convene Edcamps for school leaders-principals, assistant principals, and teacher leaders in conjunction with an Edcamp at the National Association of School Principals Conference. Last year, over 1,800 leaders from the US, Canada, China and Chile participated in the first simultaneous, multi-location EdCamp event.
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In This Issue
Upcoming Events & Opportunities
CSTP Webinar
When:  June 5, 2016
Where: Online
More Info
WEA's NBCT Jump Start
When:  June 27-30, 2016
Where: Spokane, WA
WEA's ProTeach Jump Start
When:  June 27-30, 2016
Where: Spokane, WA
OSPI's NBCT Facilitator Training (Days 1-3)
When:  June 27-29, 2016
Where: Spokane, WA
WEA's NBCT Jump Start Renewal
When:  June 29, 2016
Where: Spokane, WA
BEST Mentor Academy
When:  June 29-30, 2016
Where: Kent, WA
Fee:  Free
More Info
#CampCSTP Session I: A Deeper Dive Into Teacher Leadership
When:  July 18-19, 2016
Where: North Bend, WA
Fee:  $150
More Info
#CampCSTP Session II: Advocacy and Messaging
When:  July 19-20, 2016
Where: North Bend, WA
Fee:  $150
More Info
#CampCSTP Session III: Writer's Retreat
When:  July 20-22, 2016
Where: North Bend, WA
Fee:  Free
More Info
WEA's NBCT Jump Start
When:  July 27-30, 2016
Where: Lake Stevens, WA
OSPI's NBCT Facilitator Training (Days 1-3)
When:  July 27-29
Where: Spokane (TBA)
WEA's ProTeach Jump Start
When:  August 1-4, 2016
Where: Snohomish, WA
WEA's NBCT Jump Start
When: August 1-4, 2016
Where: Snohomish, WA
WEA's NBCT Jump Start Renewal
When:  August 2, 2016
Where: Snohomish, WA
WEA's NBCT Jump Start Renewal
When:  August 3, 2016
Where: Snohomish, WA
TPEP Best Practices Colloquium
When:  October 11, 2016
Where: Eastside WA, TBA
Save the Date!
2016-2017 TPEP Best Practices Colloquia

TPEPSave the date! CSTP will be hosting an eastside TPEP Best Practices Colloquium on October 12, 2016 (location TBA). A Seattle-area TPEP Best Practices Colloquium is scheduled for March 1, 2017. Can't wait until the next colloquium? Watch past presentations now.

We are looking for presenters!

Have a great story, strategy or structure to share about how your district or building's implementation of TPEP affected a positive change in teaching and learning? Ready to hone your speaking skills in an exciting new format called an Ignite presentation? Inspired by sessions you've attended at previous TPEP Colloquia and feel the time is right for you and your team to present?
If you answered 'yes' or even 'maybe' to any of these questions, apply to be a presenter at the 2016-2017 TPEP Colloquium!

The format will be two rounds of Ignite presentations, followed by a workshop or panel discussion.  We have approximately 10 slots in each venue for district teams to give an  Ignite presentation Additional information on the format, content and application process can be found  here To apply, submit your proposal via Survey Monkey
Applications are due by 5 PM on Friday, June 24th. Applications that are complete and on-time will be eligible for selection, with notification no later than July 15th. 

For more information on past Colloquia, and to see examples of previous Ignite presentations, visit CSTP's website. Questions? contact Katie Taylor for more information.
Sign-up Now for a Webinar with Washington State NBCT, Amanda Ward
on Teacher Prep 

silver-keyboard2.jpg Washington State NBCT Amanda Ward will lead a webinar on the Hope Street Group's, teacher-led research findings on teacher prep on Sunday, June 5th from 7 - 8 PM. 

Teacher preparation is integral to the early and career-long success of American educators and influential in the success of student learners. How can preparation programs build upon their already strong curriculum to better equip future teachers for the challenges they'll face?  

Hope Street Group's 2015 National Teacher Fellows gathered perspectives from 2,000 classroom teachers around the country on teacher preparation topics such as - how to prepare the next generation of educators and the types of training pre-service teachers need to serve students in high-need populations. Hear from Washington State NBCT, Amanda Ward, one of the National Teacher Fellows, about the findings of this completely teacher-led research.  

Join CSTP for this webinar on Sunday, June 5th at 7 PM. Pre-registration by June 2nd is required, and available at
You'll have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss ways that teachers can take an active role in preparing new teachers for the reality of the 21st century classroom.
Apply Now for the Teacher Impact Grant

money_sack.jpg Would you like $10,000 to support your education improvement idea? ASCD is looking for teacher-led, administrator supported ideas that they can help you enact and that can be replicated and scaled across the United States.

TIG grant funds activities may include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Teacher-led mentoring and coaching
  • Activities for support and growth of new teachers
  • Opportunities for release-time and collaboration for professional learning
  • Video observations for lesson study
  • Release time for instructional rounds or learning walks
  • Peer-to-peer nonevaluative observations
  • Experiential learning for teachers to be involved in policy, advocacy, or programmatic decision-making at the school or district level
  • Virtual networking with educators in other regions for shared learning
  • Creation and development of high-quality, teacher-led professional learning communities
  • Teacher-led professional learning focused on global engagement, poverty and equity, redefining student success, supportive teaching and learning, or transformational leadership
Applications are due June 16, 2016 by 11:59 PM Eastern Time. Learn more and apply now on the ASCD website.
NBCT Leadership Conference in Leavenworth, WA

102 NBCTs expanded their leadership skills at the 2016 CSTP NBCT Leadership Conference in Leavenworth May 14 and 15. Nine new NBCT presenters brought their knowledge, skills and dispositions to share, to challenge and to inspire the participants.
  • James Boutin, NBCT from Highland "Disrupting the Ground We Walk On; Reframing Education Through Teacher Leadership"
  • Sara Ketelsen and Hope Teague Bowling, NBCTs from Tacoma "Expand your Policy Influence and Stay in the Classroom"
  • Shannon Cotton, Melissa Levison, and Shelby Martinson, NBCTs from Camas "Leadership Your Way; Tapping Into Strengths to Flex and Grow Your Leadership Influence"
  • Pam Abbott and Cindy McClain, NBCTs from Bremerton "Follow Your Bliss; Advocacy in Action!"
  • Carrie Pitts, NBCT from Yakima "Who Me? A Leader?; Leadership Lessons from a Challenging School
CSTP thanks the planning team who designed the conference to optimize learning, connecting and reflecting between and among all of us at the conference. They also shared their expertise in special learning sessions:
  • Beth Spaulding; NBCT from San Juan Island led "Developing Accomplished Teaching; Beginning to Board Certified"
  • Mark Gardner; NBCT from Camas led a session on "Facilitating Change and Deconstructing Resistance"
  • And a special thanks to Lindsey Stevens, NBCT from Sumner who served as the co-chair for the event. Lindsey presented "Collaborator, Coach and Colleague: How informal mentorship relationship can change the culture of a school and bring about hope, positivity and a sense of community"
One participant summed up the great learning and collegiality, "We are all in this together! Even though we are working on different areas of focus, in a variety of environments, with a range of needs, we share a great deal of common experiences; it is those commonalities that allow us to collaborate, support, and challenge our fellow NBCTs to create more impact in their work."

Last, but not least, we want to thank and to recognize CSTP's own Katie Taylor who shared her impact, influence, and inspiration through her plenary session, "Teacher Leadership; A Hero's Journey". A participant wrote, "I left the conference feeling ready to begin my own journey and to activate my new skills as a teacher leader... I can't wait!"
Farewell to CSTP's Director of Teacher Leadership and Learning,
Katie Taylor

We, at CSTP, feel both sadness and hopefulness as we say goodbye to our beloved Deputy Director Katie Taylor (also known as the Godmother, the Unburnt Queen and Khaleesi of Teacher Leadership - for those Game of Thrones fans, you know what we mean!). During her five years at CSTP, Katie has spread the teacher leadership love across the state and beyond. 

She has worked with countless educators - teachers and administrators - helping them think about what teacher leadership looks like in their contexts and how it could be infused to build up various state and local initiatives. In addition to being a master at developing and facilitating adult learning processes, Katie brings a unique system thinking lens that she has developed over the years through state and national work. She now has the opportunity to impart and hone further all of her skills and knowledge as the Secondary Coach of Coaches at Tacoma Public Schools, which she will start in August. 
Register Now for NBCT Facilitator Training

To ensure consistency across the state for National Board candidates who are seeking this certification, facilitators are required to take Facilitator Training prior to hosting a cohort.

This three day training hones facilitation knowledge and skills, provides a deeper understanding of the revised National Board process, as well as develops skills in working with adult learners. The cost for this training is $60 per day. Current offerings are:

(Days 1, 2 and 3) Monday, June 27 - Wednesday, June 29
Where: Spokane area, exact location TBD
Day 1: 9:00am - 4:00pm; Days 2-3: 8:30am - 3:30pm
Cost: $180
Share Your Summer Reading List!

pile_of_old_books.jpg SummerReadingWe want to hear from you! Tell us what you will be reading this summer, or what you recommend others should read. Your recommendations may be featured in our upcoming newsletter. 

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