Year-End Newsletter
CTWO's Key Accomplishments in 2016

Thousands of Workers Organize & Win Back Million$ in Unpaid Wages in N.Y.C

  • Starting June 2016, our 31st year of MAAP, we continued with the successful new model of MAAP in New York and have, again, placed New Yorkers with the Retail Action Project (RAP) on their Wage Theft campaign. RAP has helped workers organize for legal rights at work and helped thousands of retail workers win back millions in unpaid wages. Wage Theft is the illegal underpayment or non-payment of workers' wages. Wage Theft includes violations of minimum wage laws; not paying time and a half overtime pay; forcing workers to work off the clock; workers not receiving their final paychecks; misclassifying employees as independent contractors to avoid paying minimum wage and; and not paying workers at all. MAAP'ers organized workers in various stores across New York City. Apprentices surveyed workers to identify if workers are ensured a fair workweek which include stable hours, predictable schedules, reasonable availability instead of mandated open availability, the right to request time off, paid sick leave as well as work without discrimination and access to affordable benefits. Check out RAP's website
Building Healthy Communities in Long Beach, Fresno, Sacramento, Santa Ana, etc
  • MAAP 2016
    Last year, CTWO was commissioned by the California Endowment to conduct a series of tailored organizing trainings with the "Building Healthy Communities" cohort of the California Endowment. This series of trainings continue into 2016, with tailored trainings happening throughout the state. The trainings were centered around building core organizing skills within a racial justice framework. The 35+ attendees represented a diverse range of BHC sites from Long Beach, Fresno, Sacramento, Santa Ana and Coachella Valley. Also, in attendance were members, staff, and volunteers from the regional outreach organization Communities for a New California. The training provided attendees an opportunity to engage with other BHC site members and organizers, share their experiences, strengths, challenges, and develop core-organizing skills. Check out CTWO Facebook page 
MAAPers in Action #FreedomNow 
Karl Kamodzi, MAAP '15 in NYC 
  • This summer, MAAP Apprentices along with MAAP Alumni and CTWO Staff participated in the #FreedomNow Day of Action on July 20, 2016 with Black Youth Project 100 (BYP 100), Million Hoodies and Black Lives Matter.
    Frangy Pozo, MAAP '16 at Bay Area Action 

      In the Bay area, activists demanded that the city divest at least 50 percent of the police department funding into community programs and the creation of a civilian-controlled police commission. I n NYC,participants occupied the Police Benevolent Association's headquarters in Lower Manhattan demanding greater investment in black communities. For more on our NY and Bay area actions
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