PADT Introduces a New Line of Computers

for CFD and FEA Simulation

CUBE High Value Performance Computers

Step Out of the Box, Step Into a CUBE

Computers that are "Just Right" for Numerical Simulation

CUBE HVPCTempe, AZ- April 26, 2011

CUBE Systems are a line of high performance computers specifically designed for CFD and FEA number crunching - configured as a balance between cost and performance. We call this concept High Value Performance Computing, or HVPC. It has allowed PADT and its customers to carry out larger simulations, with greater accuracy, in less time, at a lower cost. We are now sharing this approach with the wider simulation community.


Assembled by PADT's IT staff, CUBE Systems are delivered with the customer's simulation software loaded and tested. We configure each system specifically for simulation, making choices based upon PADT's extensive experience using similar systems for the same kind of work. We do not add things a simulation user does not need, and focus on the hardware and setup that delivers performance. Keeping with the "no frills" approach, each system comes with 4 hours of phone support and a 1 year parts warranty. We do not keep an inventory, so it usually takes 1-3 weeks to custom assemble each system. Our approach leaves you more cash to invest in other resources, or put towards your bottom line.


HVPC Systems are optimized to deliver the most performance per unit of cost. This results in systems that may be 20% to 40% slower than performance optimized HPC systems, but cost 50% to 75% less. There are better known brand names out there if you want maximum performance, 24/7 support, or a recognized name. But if you know what you are doing, you need the most bang for your buck, and that "corporate mandate" solution just is not working, CUBE Systems are designed just for you.

Base Configurations

We offer a line of base systems, but we encourage customers to contact us so we can create a custom configuration to meet your specific needs. Here is a summary of what is offered:


c96SEi96 (2x4x12) 2.3GHz256 GB 3.6 TB 2 x 2u in Rack (see web) $43,250
c4848 (4x12) 2.3GHz128 GB 3 TB 1U$15,500
c3232(4x8) 2.4GHz128GB 3 TB 1U$12,300
w1212(2x6) 2.8GHz64GB 1.5 TB Tower$5,800
w66(1x6) 2.8GHz32GB 1.5 TB Tower$5,400

16(2x8) 2GHz


16GB 10 TB 2U$5,800
CUBE HVPC BrochurePlease take a look at our brochure to see detailed information.
Most systems come in a 1U or 2U pizza box ready to go in a rack or in a standard desk side tower. the c96SEi actually comes preloaded in a rack with UPS's, GIGe switch, keyboard and mouse.
The prices listed are for purchase, leasing options are available.
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