Project Update                                                                                December 2016
Dear Friends and Supporters of CVJHP,

We are delighted to present a CVJHP Video Update for 2016. Like Americans, Cape Verdeans were swept up in national and local elections during most of the year, which created some delays in cemetery restoration and signage work, but we still made solid progress, as you will see from our video below. 

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The newly elected government led by Prime Minister Ulisses Correia e Silva has pledged to expand the already robust partnership we enjoyed under the previous government. Minister of Culture,  Abraão Vicente, proposed an MOU (protocolo) between the government and CVJHP, which was signed in September. The MOU complements our agreements with three municipalities where Jewish heritage is most prominent. The MOU with the central government is key because it paves the way for legislation to classify the cemeteries and other places of Jewish memory as "National Cultural Patrimony," giving them legal protection and visibility on the world stage. The MOU also lays the groundwork for an integrated approach to heritage tourism.
We are also pleased to report that the Cape Verdean National Archives ( ANCV ) fulfilled the terms of an MOU we signed last year. A dedicated team of young staffers organized and classified vital documents, which allows CVJHP historian, Angela Sofia Benoliel Coutinho, to present a more comprehensive and accurate portrait of the Jews of Cape Verde in her forthcoming book. 
CNN's Inside Africa Interviews CVJHP
In May, p roducers of CNN's Inside Africa series were filming a special about Cape Verde's unique history and culture, and included a segment on the country's Jewish heritage, for which they interviewed CVJHP.
Thank you to CVJHP Donors and Volunteers
We reiterate our gratitude to H.M. King Mohammed VI of Morocco, Mr. S. Daniel Abraham, the World Monuments Fund and the American Embassy in Praia for their ongoing support of restoration and research efforts. We also wish to thank the many volunteers "behind-the-scenes" who selflessly give of their time and technical expertise to manage the website and produce videos: Deb Sher and Gary Jaffe. CVJHP also values its executive and honorary board members. Kudos go to CVJHP Representative in Cape Verde, Sofia de Oliveira Lima,Vice President John C. Wahnon and Rafael Benoliel de Carvalho, architect of the Boa Vista cemetery restoration project, for their dedication and hard work.
Between Mindelo & Santo Antão
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Carol Castiel, President, CVJHP Inc.