CWA Flash E-Newsletter - November 22, 2016
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Financial Literacy
The holiday season can be a time for increased financial stress. As many families still struggle to survive in this tough economy, support for their financial health is especially important. This month, WIC Can Help provide resources on debt counseling and financial literacy, from basic banking skills to foreclosure prevention and help with problem gambling. 
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Healthy Food for a Strong Immune System
Flu season is the time when marketers of "immune boosting" supplements make their money - but there's no proof that they work. Science says eating a variety of healthy foods with plenty of protein and fresh produce is the best way to keep your immune system strong.
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Policy Updates
Advocacy for Families and Communities
It seems like much longer than 2 weeks ago that the election produced unexpected results. Since that time, quick actions have resulted in diverse programs, businesses and organizations working collectively to strategize about sweeping proposed changes. Significant concerns include immigration issues, budget cuts, block grants, and program re-authorization changes. One doesn't have to look too deep to see that the changes will impact bi-partisan public and private interests. Strong and united voices will be important, especially now and in the first 100 days post-inauguration to stop damaging actions. We must show the nation-wide impact of hunger, public health and social services. Working with many partners, CWA is committed to national and state coalition efforts to protect key programs, businesses and important industries. WIC Ambassadors will play an important role in providing education about the temporary benefits young families receive in the early years. ACTION: Become a WIC Ambassador or contact Sarah for more information. Invite your colleagues, family and friends to subscribe to the CWA Flash to stay informed.
Taking Action for the ACA
It is widely expected that changes will occur in the Affordable Care Act, but the rollout details and timeline are yet to be defined. National efforts are underway to form coalitions to protect important gains in coverage and care. Families USA is leading this effort and you can participate by signing this petition . It is important to show a need for health coverage . During the current open enrollment period, community groups can provide access for enrollment assisters and encourage people to apply. Check the updates at Covered CA and use this infographic in your media. Speaker Paul Ryan's office is conducting a brief yes/no phone survey - the only question is "Do you support President Obama's Health Care Bill?" You will hear a history of the bill, but at the end, you can press a button and register your opinion about ACA. There is also an option to leave a message. Call (202) 225-3031.
Post-Election Statement from CA Leaders
California's two legislative leaders, Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Léon and Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon released a post-election statement vowing  to fight any attempt by the administration of President-Elect Donald Trump to erode California's progress on key issues such as healthcare, and climate change, noting that California voters leaned strongly Democrat . Governor Brown's post-election statement  stressed unity, but also pledged to protect rights and progress on climate change.

CWA News
2017 Annual Conference On Its Way!
A dedicated and very capable committee of local WIC agency staff are busy helping us plan next spring's CWA Annual Conference, April 9-12, 2017. We'll gather in San Diego to learn about Engaging Families for Thriving Communities via inspiring plenary sessions and dozens of continuing education workshops. ACTION:Look for an alert next week, when registration opens.
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Our Top News Picks
Obesity Rates Fall for WIC Kids!
In the last three decades, obesity rates in the US have  risen rapidly  for children and adults, but in the last several years, obesity rates  have plateaued  and even  declined  for some populations, thanks to improved school nutrition  and physical activity standards, community innovations and  policies  that promote healthier food and exercise choices. Now,  new data   from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show obesity rates among 2 to 4-year-olds enrolled in WIC declined in 31 states between 2010 and 2014. This is especially important because low-income families often face higher risk for obesity. While this is excellent news, we still have a long way to go - nearly one in three U.S. kids are overweight or obese, and racial and income disparities persist.
Preterm Births Increase in U.S. 
Preterm births in the U.S. increased for the first time in eight years last year, going from 9.57 to 9.63 percent of births, according to the March of Dimes. Preterm babies are at greater risk of potentially long-term health complications, and preterm birth is the leading cause of infant death. The U.S. lags behind  most other developed countries in prevention of preterm birth, and racial disparities in preterm birth rates persist. The causes of preterm birth aren't always clear, but risk factors include previous preterm births, diabetes, smoking, and high blood pressure.
Updated Safe Sleep Guidelines from AAP
Newly updated sleep guidelines  from the American Academy of Pediatrics emphasize the importance of breastfeeding and skin-to-skin to help prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Another update to the guidelines is the recommendation that babies sleep in their own bed in their parents' room for at least their first six months. Also new is the AAP's acknowledgement that despite recommendations that infants sleep alone in a crib, many parents do share a bed with their infants - so guidance is also provided on making a bed sharing environment safer. Parents who choose to bed share should make sure they have a firm mattress and remove pillows, comforters, blankets, loose sheets and anything that may lead to suffocation or difficulty breathing. The bed should also be moved away from the wall so the infant cannot become trapped.

Post-Election Provider Resources
Many service providers and organizations have already reported anxiety among participants, clients or patients fearing what the outcome of the presidential election might mean for them and their families. Solid Start has collected resources , including information and organizations (some Bay Area-specific, but many national) that can help with immigration, hate crimes, LGBTQ issues, and mental health.
Trust for America's Health Policy Briefs
Trust for America's Health has released  Blueprint for a Healthier America 2016: Policy Priorities for the Next Administration and Congress . The set of policy briefs address issues including: Healthy Early Childhood, Achieving Health Equity, Healthy Students and Healthy Schools, Reversing Rising Death Rates among Middle-aged White Adults, Stopping Superbugs and Antibiotic Resistance, and Stopping Prescription Painkiller Misuse.
2015 MPINC Reports from CDC
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) has released their biennial national survey of Maternity Practices in Infant Nutrition and Care (mPINC) , which assesses infant feeding care processes, policies, and expectations of staff in maternity care settings. Hospitals with maternity services and all free-standing birth centers in the U.S. are invited to participate - in 2015, 82% of facilities opted to participate. mPINC State Reports help maternal-child health organizations and advocacy groups identify, understand, and take action on the practice and policy areas covered in the mPINC survey.

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