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February 1, 2018
2018 CWAG Chair's Initiative
May 3-4, 2018
Scottsdale, Arizona
CWAG Chair, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, announces his 2018 CWAG Chair's Initiative, which will focus on cyber security, data privacy, and digital piracy. Please mark your calendars and prepare to engage in a dialogue on these important topics!

Building on CWAG's Cyber Security efforts in 2016 and 2017 at the Cyber Security and Technology Forums and the Cyber Security Working Group established in June 2017, General Brnovich's Initiative will feature an in-depth conversation to discuss financial technology and government and industry cooperation, vertical integration and platform development issues, encryption and data security issues facing public, private and law enforcement along with national and international privacy concerns.

To find complete details about hotel accommodations, suggested transportation and to register online, use the following link CWAG 2018 Chair's Initiative Registration Site. To register click on the "Register" link and enter your name, last name and email address, then select your registration type.

If you are an existing sponsor you may use the registration code that was provided to you to register for the Annual Meeting. If you need your code re-sent, please contact Event Coordinator and Meeting Manager Ale Stephens at or 303.304.9206.
CWAG Legal Director Chris Coppin has announced his retirement following the 2018 CWAG Chair Initiative, concluding a decade of service to CWAG. Chris has spent the past 40 years in public service; 6 years working in legal aid programs in New Mexico, 24 years with the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office and 10 years with CWAG. As Legal Director of CWAG, Chris has acted as a clearing house on issues of importance to the West and the entire country. An expert in Indian law, water law and natural resources law, his contributions to CWAG and members of the AG community have been invaluable. As Legal Director, Chris has also spent incalculable hours as the Chief Editor of the premier legal treatise on Indian law for the States, the America Indian Law Deskbook.  

As a result of Chris’ retirement, CWAG will conduct a nationwide search for a new Legal Director. CWAG is an equal opportunity employer, so all applications are welcome. Please click here for more information on the Legal Director’s position .
Attorney General’s Office Leads Western States to Defend State Authority to Manage Water Supply Projects

CWAG Attorney General Cynthia H. Coffman of Colorado announced that her office filed a brief in the U.S. Supreme Court in State of New York v. Environmental Protection Agency , No. 17-418. The brief was filed on behalf of the State of Colorado and ten other western states, and in cooperation with dozens of western water providers. The brief is the latest effort by Colorado in a nearly decade-long battle to support the Environmental Protection Agency’s Water Transfers Rule, a federal regulation that recognizes the right of States to manage “water transfers”—projects that ensure water is available where it is needed most. “Water is the lifeblood of the West,” said Attorney General Coffman. “We’ve often had to fight to keep our authority to manage and protect this critical natural resource, and Congress has recognized that the regulation of water resources should be close to home. We protect our water and we have many tools to ensure that it is managed in an environmentally responsible way. There is simply no need to require States in the West to jump through additional, costly federal hoops that do nothing to protect our water resources." (Read more)
Attorney General Laxalt Brings Charges in Human Sex Trafficking Case

CWAG Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt of Nevada announced the filing of a criminal complaint alleging criminal charges against Richard James Mapp, 36, of Las Vegas, for the crimes of kidnapping of a minor in the first degree. The complaint alleges that Mapp kidnapped a minor child in Nevada and transported her to California for the purpose of engaging her in prostitution.
“My office will always protect our human trafficking survivors by pursuing justice on their behalf,” said Attorney General Laxalt. “Human trafficking continues to be a problem that plagues our communities, and is one my office will continue to combat on many fronts.” (Read more)
Attorney General Jackley’s Bill to Strengthen Human Trafficking Laws Passes Senate Judiciary

CWAG Attorney General Marty Jackley of South Dakota announced that the Attorney General sponsored bill that strengthens the Human Trafficking law in South Dakota has unanimously passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee. “It is important that we protect our children with both strong human trafficking prevention laws and cooperative law enforcement operations that focus on removing sexual predators from our streets. Today, the Senate Judiciary recognized the importance of protecting children by strengthening and supporting the law enforcement undercover operations that are focusing on removing sexual predators from our streets before a young child is victimized and trafficked,” said Attorney General Jackley. (Read more)
Attorney General Schuette Details Ongoing Michigan State University Investigation

CWAG Associate Attorney General Bill Schuette of Michigan announced that he has an open and ongoing investigation into systemic issues with sexual misconduct at Michigan State University that began in 2017. The investigation is being led by independent special prosecutor and retired Kent County Prosecutor William Forsyth, with assistance from the Michigan State Police. Assistant Attorney General Christina Grossi has been named project manager. Chief Deputy Attorney General Laura Moody, Chief Legal Counsel Eric Restuccia, Criminal Division Chief Rick Cunningham and Chief Investigator David Dwyre are part of the leadership team for the investigation, with Assistant Attorneys General from multiple divisions are providing expertise. “It is abundantly clear that a full and complete investigation of what happened at Michigan State University, from the president’s office on down, is required. This investigation is and will continue to be, independent, thorough, transparent and prompt,” said Attorney General Schuette. “My department and this investigation will find out who knew what, and when.” (Read more)
Attorney General Hunter Commends Walmart’s New Initiative to Combat the Opioid Epidemic

CWAG Associate Attorney General Mike Hunter of Oklahoma met at a local Walmart pharmacy with officials from Walmart and DisposeRx to receive a hands-on demonstration of an innovative new initiative to help curb the nation’s opioid abuse epidemic. Walmart announced last week it would carry and distribute the opioid disposal solution, known as DisposeRx, in all of its 4,700 pharmacies nationwide, free of charge. Additionally, pharmacists have been trained to help educate customers on how to safely and effectively use the product. DisposeRx is a powder that when mixed with warm water in a pill bottle, creates a gel that can responsibly be thrown out with household trash. “The pioneering initiative from a corporate partner like Walmart is a positive step in the battle against the opioid epidemic,” Attorney General Hunter said. (Read more)
Attorney General Brnovich Proposes Stronger Data Breach Consumer Notification Law

With data breaches at an all-time high across the country, CWAG Attorney General Mark Brnovich of Arizona is partnering with State Representative T.J. Shope, R-Coolidge, to introduce legislation that would help protect Arizonans from becoming victims of identity theft after a data breach. HB 2154 would amend the state’s outdated data breach notification law by strengthening notification requirements and increasing consumer protection after a breach. If enacted, the proposed law would make the state’s data breach notification law one of the most comprehensive and pro-consumer in the country. “Over the past several years, millions of Arizona residents have had their personal information compromised by cybercriminals,” said Attorney General Brnovich. “A stronger data breach notification law would not only protect consumers, it would provide clarity to businesses and government agencies about their obligations after a data breach. I’m proud to be working with Rep. Shope and the Legislature to improve our data breach notification law.” (Read more)
Attorney General Healey Secures Millions in Relief for Massachusetts Residents Faced With Unfair Foreclosure and Loan Servicing Practices

CWAG Associate Attorney General Maura Healey of Massachusetts has secured millions of dollars in relief for hundreds of Massachusetts residents in a settlement with a national mortgage servicer over its failure to help homeowners avoid foreclosure. Pursuant to an assurance of discontinuance, Nationstar Mortgage LLC (d/b/a Mr. Cooper) will provide direct payments and loan modifications to hundreds of homeowners in Massachusetts. The company will also update its practices and be subject to compliance oversight from the AG’s Office. “In Massachusetts, mortgage servicers are required by law to help prevent unnecessary foreclosures and keep families in their homes,” said Attorney General Healey. “Nationstar failed to stop foreclosures and this settlement gives homeowners in the hardest hit areas in Massachusetts a chance to stay in their homes. It also sends a clear message that we will hold accountable companies that are not following the law.” (Read more )
Attorney General Rutledge Attends White House Conference on Rural Prosperity

CWAG Associate Attorney General Leslie Rutledge of Arkansas attended the White House Conference on Rural Prosperity with State & Local Leaders. The event brought together leaders from around the country to meet with Vice President Pence and cabinet members to discuss how the federal government can assist rural communities, and witnessed signing of a formal agreement between the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to improve coordination and collaboration. “Vice President Pence reiterated that rural America has been a priority for the Trump Administration from the beginning,” said Attorney General Rutledge. “As Attorney General, I believe the focus on communities like Ashdown, Lake Village and Yellville will help all of America thrive, and it is refreshing for Washington to acknowledge that rural communities are the backbone of our country. Rural prosperity means American prosperity." (Read more)