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February 2017
CX Plans for 2017 & Engaging Outsourced Workers
As I mentioned last month, Temkin Group has labelled 2017 " The Year of Purpose."  To help individuals tap into the power of purpose, we created the Elevate Purpose movement, which is made up of content and ideas to help people become more purposeful in both their personal and professional lives.

As part of these efforts, Temkin Group has announced a  Non-Profit Scholarship Program  that provides free tuition to our U.S. workshops for up to 20 qualified candidates from non-profit organizations. So far we've awarded five of these scholarships.

And to help explain why we believe purpose is fundamental to wellbeing, we've also released a new short video called  " The Power of Purpose ."

While purpose is certainly important, it's not the only thing we've been working on. We have also published quite a few  Temkin Group reports  over the previous month:
  • CX Plans and Expectations for 2017We surveyed 165 large companies about their customer experience efforts over the past year and their plans for 2017. We compared the results of this survey to the results of similar surveys we've conducted over the previous six years. This year's results show that companies plan on dedicating more money and effort towards improving a variety of customer experience activities. See more information below.
  • Engaging A Tethered WorkforceMany companies deliver customer experiences through workers who they do not directly control, such as contractors or employees of channel or outsourcing partners. This report examines best practices for improving employee engagement within this "tethered workforce." See more information below.
  • Tech Vendors: Product and Relationship Satisfaction. We surveyed 800 IT decision-makers from large companies, asking them to rate both the products of and their relationships with 62 different tech vendors. HPE outsourcing, Google, and IBM SPSS earned the top overall scores, while Trend Micro, Infosys, and SunGard received the lowest overall scores.
We also recently published a new infographic showing our CX trends for 2017 .

If you're a provider of customer experience products or services, you should consider applying for our annual  Customer Experience Vendor Excellence Awards . Nominations are due by February 28th .

Temkin Group is a leading CX research, advisory, and training firm. We help the world's largest brands accelerate their transformational journeys towards customer-centricity and build loyalty by engaging the hearts and minds of customers, employees, and partners.  Our team combines CX thought leadership with a deep understanding of the dynamics of organizations to accelerate results.
Temkin Group Employee Engagement Workshop in Miami
Temkin Group has a series of open enrollment workshops scheduled for 2017 in Miami, San Diego, Alexandria, VA, Boston, and London. We may also hold one in Australia again. Our first workshop is focused on employee engagement.

CX Matters Blog Posts
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Here is some of the research we discussed in recent journals:

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March 1
: Aimee Lucas will speak in London: The UK & Ireland Employee Engagement Conference

March 9Temkin Group webinar: 2017 Temkin Experience Ratings: U.S. Results

March 16 & 17: Bruce Temkin will speak  in 

March 21 & 22 : Temkin Group workshop  in Miami Engaging Employees In Your CX Journey

March 29: Bruce Temkin  will speak in 
Boston at a workshop: Nurturing Your Inner Empathy

April 4 & 5 : Temkin Group workshop  in San Diego Mapping and Improving Your Customers' Journey

April 25 & 26: Temkin Group workshop in Alexandria, VA:  Driving Customer Experience Transformation

April 26 & 27: Jen Rodstrom wil speak in Toronto: Customer Experience Strategies Summit

June 14 & 15: Temkin Group workshop in Boston:  Mapping and Improving Your Customers' Journey

June 19 & 20: Bruce Temkin will speak in Melbourne, AUS: Customer Experience Tech Fest

CX Plans & Expectations for 2017

For the seventh consecutive year, we surveyed large companies about their CX performance and their plans  for the upcoming year. Based on the responses from 165 large organizations, we found that companies expect to spend more money on CX in 2017 than they did in 2016, that CX organizations are increasing in size, and that web experience and customer insights are companies' top priorities. As you can see in this excerpt taken from two figures in the report, CX efforts are delivering positive results, and companies expect CX to be even more important this year than it was last year.

Engaging A Tethered Workforce

Regardless of who employs them, engaged individuals are valuable assets for any company, and they are necessary for delivering good customer experience. However, when a brand uses tethered workers, it doesn't wholly control who exactly is delivering its customer experience. Thus, in order to provide the desired experience to all customers, regardless of who is delivering it, a brand has to recognize the entire system of elements that influences how those tethered workers both understand what's expected of them and how they ultimately behave on the job. 

In this report, we identified best practices across three distinct connections;

Temkin Group Research Plans and Updates

We have quite a few exciting new reports underway, including Infusing Emotion into Digital Experience Design, The State of the CX Profession, Employee Engagement Benchmark Study, and the Temkin Experience Ratings (U.S. and UK).

If you're interested in Temkin Group's research or services, then drop me a line at , visit our website at , or give us a call at (617) 916-2075.

I hope that 2017 is a happy, healthy, and purposeful year for you and your family !



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