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Time for our big July sale...

JULY 14, 15, 16
 Friday, Saturday, Sunday   
 9 to 5 All three days!
Right here in Santa Barbara a 1251 Orchid Drive, of course!
Cal Orchid is pulling out all the stops for this year's event!  Unreal sales opportunities never offered before! Pay off those credit cards and be prepared to grab some hot deals on one of the most diverse inventory anywhere! As always, we have invited some friends to join in on the fun and mix up the sales options for you! Arrange pre-sales directly with the vendors please.
 (Foreign vendors welcome cash when traveling to shows and often cannot accept checks or credit cards, so hit the ATM before you travel!)

Our 2017 Guest Vendors:
Royale Orchids/Australia
Kevin Hipkins is known internationally for his breeding and production of stunning cymbidiums, and he is shipping in a huge assortment plants, including Sarcochilus and Dendrobiums, many in limited numbers for specialty collectors. Kevin has been a good friend of ours for over 40 years, but this may just be the last time he comes to the US to sell. Exporting from Australia is laborious work!!


Golden Gate Orchids/San Francisco
Tom Perlite, another orchid pal for decades, really needs no introduction no matter where he travels. His many awards are testimony to his growing expertise across all genera. It is an honor to host him once again. His gorgeous Dendrobium cuthbertsoniis will be available this weekend. Come early.

Tokyo Orchid Nursery/Japan
Our Summer Hummer is the only venue where you can find plants available from this #1 first class paphiopedilum breeder. He has won Grand Champion of the prestigious Japan Grand Prix show not once, but twice! Yes he is bringing more sophronitis once again.

Suwada Orchids/Japan
If you enjoy superior quality cattleyas, you are undoubtedly familiar with this nursery. Three generations strong and still of premier status internationally, Suwada specializes in breeding showy cattleya and laelia plants for breeding and production. Munekazu is bringing a very select group of plants just for our weekend sale.
 New Horizon/Colombia
Someone else who needs no introduction is certainly Andy Easton. Without question, he is the most outspoken person in the orchid world, so if you want the first AND last word on the world of cymbidiums, Andy's your man. Currently, there is a substantial inventory of plants bred by New Horizon to choose from here at Cal, and Andy will be on site all weekend to visit with as you decide what new things to add to your cym. collection. 

Neofinetia falcata 
This aspect of the weekend is continues to grow in popularity. Watch this unique judging process, or submit your own plants, if you want to! Neofinetia falcate is the sole focus.  Fukiran Orchid Society of America seminars begin at 11:00 on Saturday, with judging (Japanese standards) beginning at 2, followed by discussion of awards.
 Seed Engei/Santa Barbara/Japan

Satomi Kasahara
will again be on site with a sales table and will offer many select forms of this historically coveted Japanese species for sale. You will be able to visit with her and her father, the founder of the nursery in Japan, first hand and  purchase some gems for your collection.

Watch your email for CAL-ORCHID'S special Summer Hummer listing! We know that many of our loyal customers are not able to attend all our shows and sales events, so your sneak peak is coming soon!!

Wishing you a safe and Happy 4th of July!

(Coelogne cristata - Suwada style!)