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CALCOAST Restoring California's Coast and Watersheds
Issue: 010317 March 10, 2017

California is in a drought emergency. Visit for water conservation tips.



You have received this e-newsletter from the California Coastal Coalition (CalCoast™), a non-profit advocacy group comprised of 35 coastal cities; five counties; SANDAG, BEACON and SCAG; private sector partners and NGO's, committed to protecting and restoring California's coastline through beach sand restoration, increasing the flow of natural sediment, wetlands recovery, improved water quality, watershed management and the reduction of marine debris and plastic pollution. When possible, we try to post articles that are not protected by pay walls.  

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Center for Biological Diversity Seeks Help for Orcas
The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) is seeking public input on a proposal from the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) and allies to create a protection zone for Southern Resident killer whales near Washington's San Juan Island. It's a key feeding area that is overrun by noisy boat traffic and that's disrupting the endangered whales' ability to communicate, hunt and rest. You can join the CBD in urging NMFS to protect these famous orcas, who can be found each winter along the West Coast, from central California to southeast Alaska. The Southern Resident killer whale population has dropped to just 78 individuals and remains threatened by lack of food due to declining salmon runs, pollution and noise. A protection zone would be important. Vessel traffic in the 10-square-mile area would be prohibited April 1 to Sept. 30, and there would be a "no wake" speed limit. Using this form, you can urge NMFS to implement  these protections near San Juan Island.  
SWRCB Storm Water Grant Program: Prop 1
Prop 1 (Assembly Bill 1471, Rendon) authorized $7.545 billion in general obligation bonds for water projects including surface and groundwater storage, ecosystem and watershed protection and restoration, and drinking water protection. The State Water Board will administer Prop 1 funds for five programs. Of the $7.545 billion, Prop 1 (Section 79747) provides $200 million in grant funds for multi-benefit storm water management projects.
Water Code section 79747 identifies funds available for multi-benefit storm water management projects which may include, but shall not be limited to: green infrastructure, rainwater and storm water capture projects and storm water treatment facilities. Storm Water Resource Plans, or functionally equivalent plan(s), are required to obtain grant funds for storm water and dry weather capture projects. More information is available here.
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State Water Board Adopts Climate Change Resolution

Last Tuesday the State Water Resources Control Board adopted a resolution requiring a proactive approach to climate change in all Board actions, including drinking water regulation, water quality protection, and financial assistance. This action builds on a resolution adopted by the Board in 2007, which set forth initial actions it should take to respond to climate change and support the implementation of Assembly Bill (AB) 32, the landmark climate change law that was adopted in 2006. Since that time, the Brown administration developed the California Water Action Plan, a blueprint for achieving more sustainable water management by improving water supply reliability, restoring important wildlife and habitat, and making the state's water systems and environment more resilient. More information about the resolution is available here.

New Western Water Magazine Issue

In the Winter 2017 issue of the Water Education Foundation's Western Water, Writer Gary Pitzer delves into preservation and restoration efforts of salmon in Northern California. Read more here.
Events Events
ARB SB 375 Regional GHG Target Update Workshops

Staff at the California Air Resources Board (ARB) invites you to participate in workshops on updates to SB 375 regional passenger vehicle greenhouse gas emission reduction targets for California's Metropolitan Planning
Organizations. The workshops will be held in Los Angeles ( March 7), Sacramento ( March 9  - also webcast), and Fresno ( March 14). For more information on these workshops, visit the ARB SB 375 website. For questions
regarding these workshops, please contact Ms. Lezlie Kimura Szeto, Manager of the Sustainable Communities Policy and Planning Section, at or call (916) 327-5985 .

Webinar: Ecological Strategies for Water Remediation and Toxic Algae Control
Floating islands can be applied as a Best Management Practice (BMP) to improve water quality and attenuate toxic algae blooms. Floating islands create an ecosystem that mimics natural wetlands and natural floating islands, and provide a foundation to foster beneficial microbes that clean the water and reduce the effects and the extent of toxic algae, as well as expand habitat for plants, fish, and other wildlife. The fibrous floating material and roots provide a large surface area for beneficial microbes that clean water and absorb pollutants, such as excess nitrogen fertilizers, to help clean-up and prevent algae blooms.The webinar will introduce broad applications of floating islands worldwide that are successfully improving water quality and helping to mitigate and prevent algae blooms, and will provide specific overviews of two deployments in California: the Limoneira Wastewater Treatment Plant in Santa Paula, CA and the recently deployed East Lake, Yorba Linda, CA installation for golden algae control. 

Australia to host special International Surfing Symposium
Australia's first International Surfing Symposium, in association with the Global Wave Conference, will converge at Currumbin on the Gold Coas tin one week's time. The two-day conference at Currumbin RSL on Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th March from 9am - 5pm has 38 speakers from all over the surfing world and academic fields. Details are available here.  

Delta ISB Meeting
March 16, 1-4pm or March 17, 9am-12pm

On March 16-17, 2017, the Delta Independent Science Board (Delta ISB) will discuss its review of the California WaterFix Final EIR/S, public comments received on the Comprehensive Assessment of the Monitoring Enterprise draft planning prospectus, and status of its Water Quality and Delta as an Evolving Place thematic reviews.
To view the meeting notice, please click here.
For more information, please click here. 
Employment Opportunities Jobs
For more information about positions listed here and positions listed in previous editions of the WAVE, visit CalCoast's Employment webpage.


The Administrative Assistant will provide front line office support, manage office operations, and respond to volunteer inquiries.  This position will act as an Executive Assistant to the Executive Director, support the Finance department, and provide administrative assistance for the ILACSD team and its programs. 

Research Fellow Opportunity at National University of Singapore
The university's project investigates sediment transport under the leading tsunami waves. We are inviting a competent researcher to join the project as Research Fellow (RF). The RF should have a strong background in water wave theories, sediment transport process and computational methods in fluid dynamics. The successful candidate will be expected to use and develop numerical models to simulate hydrodynamic and sediment transport process. We prefer candidates with multiple-year experience in using and developing such models. Interested applicants can send a CV and representative publication(s) to Philip L-F. Liu   or
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