June 2015
Calcium Carbonate DC 95% (Malto.)
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Calcium is of course a vital structural component of bones and teeth and is necessary for the normal function of all muscles and nerves. Calcium Carbonate contains 40% absorbable calcium and is the preferred calcium source in Food Supplements.


* Direct compressible grade

* Excellent compression

* Unbeatable quality

* Every batch tested to ensure compliance to EU Contaminant Limits

* Long-term supply agreements available

* Flexible order quantities

Facts you may not know about Calcium Carbonate

1. Calcium Carbonate actually makes up approximately 4% of the Earth's crust

2. The world's oldest building (Khufu's Pyramid, aka the 'Great

Pyramid') is made of Calcium Carbonate

3. Calcium is the fifth most abundant element in the body

4. A meteorite believed to have originated on Mars landed in

India, and contained Calcium Carbonate


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