PAR Mail 2018-103 | June 12, 2018
Call Your Legislator at 1-888-727-0369 and Ask for Funding for ID/A Services in the FY 18/19 Budget!

HB 2121, the current budget bill, does not include the additional funding for intellectual disability and autism services as proposed by Governor Wolf in February 2018
We are entering the final state of budget negotiations in Harrisburg. Legislators are focused on ensuring a timely budget is passed. However, an unexpected budget hole of $200 million appeared when a court case invalidated the transfer of funds earlier this year from the Joint Underwriting Association (a restricted account in the state treasury), requiring General Assembly to find revenue to cover that funding gap for both FY 17/18 and FY 18/19.
The current version of the PA Budget, HB 2121 , funds intellectual disability and autism services at the FY 17/18 level, and does not incorporate the additional $74 million that Governor Wolf included in his Budget Proposal . While Governor Wolf's Budget Proposal does not include a DSP wage initiative, the funding included for other initiatives, including the Waiting List, is a critical piece of PAR's FY 18/19 Budget Request , which includes:
  • $60 million (in state funds) for a rate increase to raise DSP wages
  • Funding for the Emergency Needs Category of the Waiting List
  • $3 million for a rate increase for the Early Intervention Program
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Now is the time to call your legislators at 1-888-727-0369 and make sure they hear our new message: Please include in HB 2121 Governor Wolf's Proposed funding for ID/A services in addition to $60M for DSP wages and $3M for Early Intervention!