November 2012
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Say no to Government's permitted development proposals

“If you care about the future of your local neighbourhood then write now to your MP.”
Griff Rhys Jones, Civic Voice President

The Government recently launched a consultation to extend permitted development rights for a 3 year period and to remove prior approval from local councils for broadband infrastructure. (Read a briefing on the consultation here). This consultation was voted against unanimously by civic volunteers from across England at the Civic Voice AGM. If you share the concerns of others, then please let your MP know.

Please support Civic Voice in this campaign by CLICKING HERE and writing to your MP

Planning will never be easy. Many conflicting views have to be taken into consideration. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we disagree, but what is essential is we all have an opportunity to have our voice heard.

These proposals will mean neighbours will not be able to object to unsightly developments and big business will be able to install broadband boxes and other infrastructure without notifying the local council. Effectively removing the community voice. Don't let this happen, please support Civic Voice in this campaign by CLICKING HERE and writing to your MP

Hundreds of planning decisions are made every day across England that affect the places where we all live. We may not always agree with the results. Yet the fact that our cities, towns and countryside retain so much character is testimony to the importance of good planning, informed by the views of the local communities.

If you share our concerns and the unanimous decision at the Civic Voice AGM to vote against these proposals, then please let your MP know. It will only take a few minutes. We have drafted a letter for you to use or amend and it will be sent automatically to your MP by email. Your views count. The Government is already rattled about this idea and every voice will make a difference.

CLICK HERE to join Civic Voice in persuading the Government to changes its plans.