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January 19, 2016

Only 28 Seconds on the TPP? 
Don't be misled. The TPP betrays the 99%. 

President Obama spent just 28 seconds on the TPP in his State of the Union (SOTU) on Tuesday, January 12. If you listened carefully to his speech, much of what he wants to accomplish in his last year will be negated if the TPP is approved by Congress. Clearly, Obama didn't want to stir up more opposition than there is now. Even so, just before the President's address, Mayor Bill Peduto of Pittsburgh, PA broke with Obama and came out against the TPP. 
So sisters, time to stir it up!
Here's the call to action
On February 4 it is expected President Obama and the other 11 TPP heads of state will sign the TPP in Aukland, New Zealand.
Plan now for February 4 
Plan an action now
and put your city on the map for a February 4th event.

Raise awareness about the TPP. Choose a location and highlight the issues that are best for your community. Find a creative way to get attention and hold signs high. Please send pictures and a short report to nancytprice39 [at] for the eNews.

Check out where to join your WILPF sisters in already planned actions across the country here

Don't forget...
February 14-21: President's Day Congressional Recess

There is mixed information about the Congressional vote count at present and when President Obama, knowing he has the votes, would submit the TPP to Congress.
Your job, now, is to keep the vote count in the "NO" column.
It's time to nail down your Congressperson's vote.
Make an appointment soon to meet with your Representative in District. Take some members of allied groups. If your Congressperson was against Fast Track make sure he/she is against the TPP. For others who were "yes" on Fast Track and those who are wavering on the TPP, ask if he/she has read the almost 6,000 pages of text and why they would support it...tell them why you and your colleagues are opposed and ask for a "No" vote.
And keep calling the D.C. office 1-800-712-8441 to tell your Representative and Senators why you oppose the TPP and ask for a "No" vote.

"Facts on the Trans-Pacific Partnership."  Remember, the TPP is binding, and that shockingly in the non-binding, voluntary COP 21 Paris Agreement carbon emissions from international flights and shipping don't count as greenhouse gas emissions  
Brief Background

Remember the TPP is on Fast Track. It takes a simple majority to pass: that's 51 votes in the Senate and 218 in the House. We must win this in the House. Over the years, free trade agreements have passed by one or two votes after much arm-twisting and many promises.
Remember in this election year, whether or not your Representative is running for office, nail down a "NO" vote now.
At whatever time, President Obama has the votes, he'll submit the Implementing Legislation to Congress. Then Congress has a maximum of 90 days for debate and a vote; some trade agreements have passed in as few as seven days.
Organizing and speaking out does make a difference . Chrystia Freeland, Canada's Trade Representative, on a cross-Canada TPP consultations, says Canada might not be ready to sign on February 4.   

On January 6, the US Chamber of Commerce strongly endorsed the TPP, but on January 14, the CEO said Congress needed to make some "fixes" in order for it to pass. This is because so many groups are speaking out and support is wavering. Keep up the good work.
Thank you,

Marybeth Gardam, Corporations v. Democracy 
Nancy Price, Earth Democracy   
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