What are you doing this WEEKEND?

KAREN & ALBERT  will be at the historic
 SAGTIKOS MANOR in West Bay Shore / Sunday, June 18 
with vintage cameras, costume jewelry, pottery, glassware, 
toys and other fabulous collectibles. 

All at BLOWOUT discount prices.
All items must be sold!
Click on SAGTIKOS MANOR for details and directions.

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A new blog delving into the creative process. By a young creative plying his art, baring his soul and actually saying something worth listening to... 

"...Art isn't meant to always provoke knee-jerk reactions and the appreciation of art doesn't translate clearly into the language of a quick thumb tap, a like, an emoji, or a comment. This isn't a bad thing, but it seems that's the problem. Social media encourages the audience's experience with the art to be a fast and shallow, sloppy pass..." 

Remember to stop by the Sagtikos Manor Show this Sunday!

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Karen & Albert
Photo by Neal Bergman