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Week of Sunday, January 29, 2017
Please help stock St. Andrew's Pantry with small cans of peanut butter and canned fruit.
Elected at the Annual Meeting. The following persons were elected to the Vestry Class of 2020 at the Annual Meeting last Sunday: Ms. Helene Ault, Ms. Abby Moran, and Mr. Robert Smith. Elected by acclamation to be delegates to the Southern Ohio's 143 rd Diocesan Convention in November are: Mr. Stephen Clarson, Ms. Sharon Grayton, Ms. Miriam Hill, and Ms. Jane Paraskevopoulos.
The second of six Profile Gatherings will take place on Sunday, February 5 at 12:00 noon in Hannaford Hall. In this meeting, we will invite the parish membership to discuss and clarify Calvary's identity and core values, that will be important in articulating in the parish profile for potential candidates for your next rector. Joanna will lead the presentation, with lots of time for discussion. Lunch will be served.
The Congregational Survey is now available online or in paper form for those who do not have access to a computer. The deadline for completing and submitting the survey is February 12. We want all persons, newcomers and oldtimers, young and old, to lend your voice to the profile. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Eric Landen, chair of the Profile Committee.

Share the Love-Saturday, February 11 , 11am-1pm Join us for a light lunch and to make Valentines for folks who can't get out of the house.  If you know of someone who is housebound or ill, send their name and address to Sally Engelbert or jot their name on the sheet in Hannaford Hall.
Pastoral Concerns:
Caroline Bieser's mother died on 
Sunday, January 22. Click here for the obituary.

Charles in recovering from a mild stroke. Currently at Bethesda North but will be back home at Brookwood Retirement.
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Thank you to all of you who helped to put together the Annual Meeting last Sunday. Although annual meetings are required by the State of Ohio, they are not required to be as pleasant as Sunday's was. So a special thank you:
  • To all who brought food to share. With this feast, we broke bread together as the early apostles had done when they gathered together to further the Kingdom of God.
  • To all who worked in the kitchen to prepare the lunch before the meeting, so that we could begin the meeting on time. There were smiles all around as we gathered to fill our plates.
  • To the staff-Howard, Sally, and Edy-who prepared substantive written reports for our Annual Report, to put the activities and events of 2016 on record for the next rector; and to Judy, our parish administrator, for preparing and printing a million copies of the Annual Report, Voting Guide, and ballots.
  • To Wes and Terrell, who helped to organize the space for the meeting.
  • To JJ Engelbert, who set up the slide show for a flawless showing, and who set up the space for the 9:30am service and then re-set it for the Annual Meeting.
  • To those who ran for Vestry and agreed to stand for Diocesan Convention delegate. I commend and applaud your dedication to leadership in the church and hope that you continue to serve.
  • To Nick Snow, who coordinated the distribution and counting of ballots, to ensure a fair balloting process.
  • And to all of you who attended and participated. You are the voice of Calvary. You are Calvary. Thank you!
Copies of the Annual Report and the ministries booklet "Getting Connected, Getting Involved" are still available in Hannaford Hall. If you were unable to attend the meeting and unable to attend church, please contact us and we can send you these copies by mail. In addition, we will post photos of your church leadership soon, so you will know who your lay ministers are. 

From the Interim Rector

We have our roadmap-now what?

If this transition period at Calvary can be compared with a journey-say, of the Israelites through the wilderness-the Annual Meeting was a gas station on the road. We are energized! New leaders have been elected for vestry and for the Diocesan Convention. The Profile Committee has already begun its work. We have our roadmap and our leaders. Now we can be on our way.

Like all journeys, this one will come with work to do. On my first camping trip, I was rather surprised that, unlike in the movies, I had to actually help do some work like set up the tent, get a fire going, and clean up after the meals. In the movies, you don't see people doing the grunt work.

In the real world, there are camping trips which are intentional activities, and there is "camping out," which is what you do unintentionally, when you haven't planned to be there. The Israelites began their exodus by a hurried "camping out," but God, through Moses' leadership, turned their wilderness journey into an intentional preparation for the end of their road, the Promised Land.

We have setup the transition tent-that is, the process and structure of an intentional interim. The Profile Committee is an important symbolic-and real-first step. In a way, this committee will be the brain of the search process, for its members will compile the information that will go into the church's profile, and make sure that the information is complete and accurate, and that it includes the perspectives of all members so that no one is left out of this document of Calvary's self-identity.

This part of the journey is so important that we will not rush through it. A tent put up hastily is one that will topple in the slightest wind. Remember the parable of the house built on sand?

Much of the profile, then, is gathered by what we call "self-study." We are looking at ourselves as a parish, and ourselves individually in our role at Calvary. The congregational survey will gather basic information about its members and how they see the church. Small group sessions, taking place in Lent, will allow for more in-depth input from each of you, raising issues, concerns, hopes, dreams, and ideas about your church. We need the feedback from all of you-young and old-in order to create a true and accurate profile that reflects the real Calvary and that will speak to the rector that you need and want.

If you have any questions for the Profile Committee, here are the members: Eric Landen (chair), Helene Ault, Stephen Clarson, Maggie Davis, Sharon Grayton, Bob Hauck, David Meyer, Florine Postell, and Dick Sininger, with Maris Bernard and Duane Lewis as vestry liaisons.

As for the survey and the group-talks, please take part. For the good of Calvary and its future, you are all needed. And now-off we go!


Joanna's cell phone number is available for members' pastoral emergencies. If you are being hospitalized, are having surgery, have a death in the family, are experiencing a personal crisis, or have been arrested, please call Joanna at 859.803.0665. 


Tender Mercies January 29 4:00 p.m.

Music News
 -  Howard Helvey  


With any questions regarding the Choir and/or the Choral Scholar program, please contact the organist/choirmaster, Howard Helvey: or 513-476-3261

Sunday School and Family News

Sunday School

This past week we heard the Parable of the Good Samaritan.  We heard the value of treating all people with kindness and respect.

We look forward to seeing you next Sunday!

Family News

Our next Family event is coming up! Please join us Saturday,  February 11th for Share the Love.

Parer copies of this flyer are available in Hannaford Hall


"If you pour yourself out for the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted, then shall your light rise in the darkness and your gloom be as the noonday." Isaiah 58:10 

Where do you find GOD?
How do you SERVE?
What brings you LIFE?

What do all these questions have in common?

We want your voice to be heard.
Send a message to our Facebook page about what you would like to see in Calvary's Young Adult Group 

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A lmighty and everlasting God, you govern all things both in heaven and on earth: Mercifully hear the supplications of your people, and in our time grant us your peace; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

See you at Church!



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