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Week of Sunday, January 8, 2017
Friday January 6, Calvary Coffeehouse  7 p.m.
Queen City Sisters

 Sunday, January 8, 2017
Please plan to attend the first Profile Gathering on Sunday, January 8, 2017 at noon in  Hannaford Hall.  This Sunday's Profile Gathering will introduce the basic concepts and foundation which churches following an intentional interim period use to seek a rector who fits the honest and accurate profile of the church. The meeting begins after the 10:30am worship service, in Hannaford Hall and will last around one hour. Input from the congregation is highly desired. The meeting should be attended by all members of the church, all Vestry members, and all members of the Profile Committee.

If you requested Pledge Envelopes, they are located on the stage in Hannaford Hall.

Please share your photos of Christmas Eve Services at Calvary 

Please help stock St. Andrew's Pantry with small jars of peanut butter and canned fruit.
Please remember to submit your pledge. If you have not yet submitted your pledge, please do so, thank you!

  Notice of Annual Meeting. The Annual Meeting of Calvary Episcopal Church will take place on Sunday, January 22, 2017 following the 10:30 am service.
IHN January 26 - Sign-ups available in Hannaford Hall.

Sunday is the deadline for
Vestry nominations. If you are interested in running or election, or know of someone who qualifies and is interested, please submit the nomination form by Sunday, January 8. Elections will be held at the Annual Meeting on Sunday, January 22.

Thank you to all who made our Christmas worship and celebrations so spectacular! Thanks...
  • to the Rev. Deacon Gary Givler for a charming children's sermon at the early service;
  • to the Altar Guild members for an elegantly dressed sanctuary space;
  •  to the parish choir for heavenly voices that truly lift up our hearts;  
  • to Howard Helvey, Sungyum Kim and all musicians for their breathtaking music;
  • to the ushers, acolytes, readers, intercessors and chalice bearers for their smooth and stately participation in the worship service;
  • to Wes and Terrell and their helpers for the magnificent receptions;
  • to Judy Gardner, our parish administrator, and all office volunteers including Dick Sininger, Dan Ames, Lynn Lockwood, and Phyllis Reid, who helped to prepare for the services;
  • to Sally Engelbert, Hannah Teetor, and Edy Dreith, our program staff members who have so wonderfully created the safe and welcoming community of children, youth and adults and made sure they are welcome at the church on Christmas
  • to the Rev. John Morrison, who graciously led the Christmas Day service and made it sacred;
  • to the Revs. Chuck Washam and Wilson Willard for their spiritual and liturgical leadership;
  • to Frances the cat, of course, who cheered people with her kitty songs that evening;
  • and above all, to the wonderful people of Calvary Church who attended the services and brought such joy and wonder to all of us on that Christmas Eve, and who make Calvary Church such a delightful and hospitable place to be.

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  From the Interim Rector:    
What's Up Ahead?
I am always astonished at how a new calendar year-a date on a page-can bring out such excited anticipation of newness from us. I think it must have to do with the fact that when we hang up a new calendar, we can see all those other months ahead of us. This is the time we look to the future. What's up ahead?
In God after Darwin, John Haught suggests that God creates not from the past, but from the future. From the future, God draws us toward a fulfillment that we call the Kingdom of God. So God is not so much "up above" in heaven as "up ahead."
I like this image. I imagine God waiting to greet me when I arrive home-up ahead. After a life's journey, I trudge wearily up the front walk, and as I approach the front door, God meets me, takes me in, and welcomes me home.
Or maybe I will return home as a prodigal, starving, but repentant child, hardly daring to hope for a hot meal. But God runs out to me crying with joy. Waiting inside is not a hot meal but a heavenly banquet-and the promise of a new start.
The Bible is full of promises of newness-a new creation, a new heaven and new earth, a God who makes "all things new." In God, every day is the dawn of a new morning, every moment like a new year when the whole cosmos turns to see the face of God in all things. God is the God of our ultimate dreams, always meeting us "up ahead."

Joanna's cell phone number is available for members' pastoral emergencies. If you are being hospitalized, are having surgery, have a death in the family, are experiencing a personal crisis, or have been arrested, please call Joanna at 859.803.0665. 


THANK YOU! to everyone who contributed to our Christmas Gift Tree for the Lighthouse Youth Crisis Center.  The gifts were most generous and were delivered to LYCC the Sunday before Christmas.

IHN January 26 at Christ Church Cathedral We are looking for volunteers to make dinner items, also evening hosts and overnight hosts for that evening.  Sign-up in Hannaford Hall or contact Dave Meyer

Tender Mercies January 29 4:00 p.m.

Music News
 -  Howard Helvey  
Church Music
by George Herbert
Sweet­est of sweets, I thank you: when displeasure
Did through my body wound my mind,
You took me thence, and in your house of pleasure
A dainty lodging me assigned.
Now I in you without a body move,
Rising and falling with your wings:
We both together sweetly live and love,
Yet say sometimes, "God help poor Kings."
Comfort, I'll die; for if you post from me
Sure I shall do so, and much more:
But if I travel in your company,
You know the way to heaven's door.


With any questions regarding the Choir and/or the University Choral Scholar program, please contact the organist/choirmaster, Howard Helvey: or 513-476-3261

Sunday School and Family News

Sunday School

** Welcome Back

Happy 2017!

We have rearranged classrooms upstairs to accommodate our very large pre-school and Kindergarten class.  That class is now in the room across from the stairwell and the 4th-6th grade class is at the end of the hall.

We look forward to seeing you this Sunday!

Family News

Thank you families for all your involvement in our programs.  Save the dates for our 2017 Family Nights! Details to follow.
February 10
March 17
April 28


"If you pour yourself out for the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted, then shall your light rise in the darkness and your gloom be as the noonday." Isaiah 58:10 

Where do you find GOD?
How do you SERVE?
What brings you LIFE?

What do all these questions have in common?

We want your voice to be heard.
Send a message to our Facebook page about what you would like to see in Calvary's Young Adult Group this fall.

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F ather in heaven, who at the baptism of Jesus in the River Jordan proclaimed him your beloved Son and anointed him with the Holy Spirit: Grant that all who are baptized into his Name may keep the covenant they have made, and boldly confess him as Lord and Savior; who with you and the Holy Spirit lives and reigns, one God, in glory everlasting. Amen.

See you at Church!



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